Howdoo Now Accepting Username Reservations

Reserve your unique username now

Are you a musician, streamer, gamer, cosplayer, beauty influencer, or anyone else who wants to earn more from the content you create?

Then you’ll want to hurry over to and reserve your unique username!

Over the weekend, Howdoo launched their new site and started accepting username reservations. Content creators who act early can guarantee they’ll get the username they want before the platform’s full launch this fall. We all know how important a username is to content creators. For many, their handle is their brand. That’s why any creator who wants to use this creator-focused new platform to earn more revenue should register their username today.

But hurry — thousands of usernames have already been reserved, and it’s only been open a few days.

How to Reserve Your Unique Username

Reserving your username is simple. Just head over to and hit the button on the main page that says “Reserve your Unique Username.”

From there, it’s only seconds until your username is reserved.

Whether you’re a creator, artist, or publicist acting on behalf of clients, reserving your username takes only seconds. Click here to reserve your username now.