Howdoo TV Episode 2: “Niche to Meet You”

Howdoo Head of Operations and Invention Chris Woulds goes full Ron Burgundy to share some behind-the-scenes of our new branding.

Here’s what Chris covers in the above video:

Why Niching?

As a business, it’s critical that we speak to our audience’s specific, relevant needs. That’s why we’ve identified a few niches we’ll focus on as we launch Howdoo.

Some of these include:

  • Gaming
  • Cosplay
  • Music
  • Crypto

Adapting Our Messaging by Niche

The vast majority of our new audience is going to be content creators who don’t know who we are yet. Naturally, we’ll need to change our messaging for each of these niches.

  • For cosplayers, we might focus on how Howdoo’s broadcasting lets them show off their latest cosplay with their fans.
  • For gamers, we’ll show how you can stream through Howdoo, or how you can make affiliate sales right in a video during equipment reviews.
  • For the music niche, we could focus on how they could host digital festivals around the world, radio stations, and live shows.
  • And for Crypto fans, we could share how Howdoo’s decentralized platform is the perfect place to discuss ICOs, crypto news, or build an alternative to Telegram.

If you’re a content creator of any kind, Howdoo’s tipping, paywalls, and other monetization features are a great starting point for conversations around why Howdoo can serve you.

Creating a Brand Identity That’s as Flexible as Our Platform

One of the key differentiators between Howdoo and other platforms is that we’re not one dimensional. Most other social media platforms force you to fit into one box or another (mostly so it’s easier to sell ads). But Howdoo is designed to reflect our unique, varied personas.

That leaves us with an interesting question: how do we make our visual brand adapt to the unique audiences we’re speaking to?

Yes, we’ll adapt our messaging. But our actual words are only part of the message.

Our brilliant design team has developed our new branding in a way that adapts by the types of audience we’re trying to speak to.

This could be represented through changing the main Howdoo color (Howdoo orange) to a sub color, such as:

  • Gamers: Yellow
  • Musicians: classic Howdoo pink
  • Travel bloggers/influencers: Deep green

Of course, these colors are just for demonstration — the final palettes may change.

By adapting our website sections by color, we think it’ll be easier for niches to find the content that’s meant for them.

We feel that this branding adaptability reflects how Howdoo can be customized to fit the user.

That’s all for this installment of Howdoo TV. To stay up to date with the latest Howdoo news, join our Telegram or visit our website to sign up for early beta access and updates.

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