There is a new game in town! Howdoo is a platform built with gamers in mind. It is a place where you collect more than stars (writer showing his age); where your gaming live streams, images and reviews will earn you respect and financial rewards and where you will find a channel for the awesome team at GamerGram

Howdoo has teamed up with GamerGram to present a Virtual Photography competition, a first in the Virtual Photography world, to help increase awareness about the exciting opportunities for content creators that will exist on the Howdoo platform


Howdoo is a revolutionary social media, content and messaging platform built for a new generation. The platform launches in December and empowers content creators, groups, and communities to take back control of their digital footprints. Both the content creator and those that engage, are rewarded in uDoo tokens, the cryptocurrency that fuels the Howdoo ecosystem. Turn your back on the exploitative platforms of old and join us on a platform that gives you ownership of how your content is used and privacy is managed.

GamerGram is a awesome community dedicated to virtual photography that started on the ps4 and then journeyed over to Instagram and Twitter before announcing a new channel on Howdoo.

To celebrate this, Howdoo has provided GamerGram with a prize package worth $10,000 of Udoos and merchandise to give away in an exciting virtual photography giveaway.

Some of our members, like Carlos, in our Telegram group are already showing off their skills and now it is your turn to wow us with your gameplay and creativity.

How to enter the Howdoo and GamerGram $10k uDoo Giveaway.

We are calling all Virtual Photographers (VP), to get involved in the contest, if you’re a VP, old or new, we want to hear from you!

Simply follow the below instructions for your chance to win

1.Follow @howdooHQ and @GamerGram_GG on twitter /

@howdoo_hq and on instagram.

2. Sign up and secure your unique username at

3. Join the facebook groups and

4. On all Virtual Photography images you want entered into the $10k competition include the following…

i. tag @howdooHQ and @GamerGram_GG if on twitter /

@howdoo_hq and if on instagram.

ii. Use the hashtag #gghowdoo10k

iii. Explain about the competition on your posts.

If you fail any of the above your entries may be missed.

The competition will be judged by members of Howdoo and GamerGram, we are looking for your absolute best shots. Any screenshot from any game can be entered.


100,000 uDoo tokens valued at $10,000

Exclusive Howdoo Merch

Featured in post competition press releases

1st Place

25,000 uDoo tokens valued at $2,500

Exclusive Howdoo Merch

Featured in press releases

2nd Place

15,000 uDoo tokens valued at $1500

Exclusive HowdooH Merch

3rd Place

10,000 uDoo tokens valued at $1000

Exclusive Howdoo Merch

20 Random Prize draws

20 x 2500 uDoo token random prize draws

valued at $250 each a total of $5000

Terms & Conditions

Deadline for entries is 21st Dec 2018, winner announced 28th Dec 2018.

In order for your screenshots to be eligible, you must comply with all of the above requirements. If you choose to participate in this competition, you agree to Howdoo and GamerGram, releasing information relating to you and your entry, which is necessary for us to promote the competition.

As many submissions per entrant as they want.

Competition entrants must be 18 years + of age.

Winners will be notified within 1 week of the contest closing date.

The uDoo crypto, will be credited to the winners Howdoo profile, within 2 weeks after announcements.

Physical prizes will be shipped within 2 weeks of the closing date of the competition.

The date of media prizes will be confirmed on conclusion of the competition. A MEW wallet (MyEtherWallet) or uDoo acceptable exchange wallet is required to claim winnings. By entering the competition you understand that the value of the tokens are set at the last stage of the ico price, and that you understand market condition prices fluctuate and the value of uDoo’s changes day by day.