10000 Times

I must have played Inside Out, the piece I have been working on, at least 200 times by now (well, the first half of it). And still when I see someone else play it, and how that person’s hand move effortlessly around, always on time, unhesitant, I wonder how much time the person would have spent in polishing his skills. I guess 200 times is a small number when you are trying to learn a piece that is still difficult by your standards. Maybe when I have played it 10000 times is when it would sound as good as I want it to.

While I have figured out the first half, have it memorised, have my hands moving to the right place, I still can’t play it fluently. There are hesitations, or hitting of wrong notes occasionally. And even when I play everything right, it just doesn’t sound that beautiful. Here is my recording of the first half.

Every time I sit for practice, I play the first half about 10–20 times before starting to practice the new measures. I am working on the 1st bar of the second half right now. It feels a bit tricky, but just before writing this post, when I was practising, it had started to come together. Hopefully in another couple of days I will have it nailed down.

There is this another small piece I was playing from the John Thompson book. And for the life of me, I was not able to make this minor hand movement in a measure in time. And after trying for literally a hundred times, I finally gave up. Hence I have this messed up recording of the piece, and this is the best of those 100 times.

Even before I write this, let me admit that I know I am going to sound insanely fickle minded, but I have really started to enjoy practising Inside Out. Sure, I was cribbing about the slow progress up until just couple of days back, but now that I am able to play a sizeable chunk of it, I am getting this rewarding feeling out of learning it. Really looking forward to the day I complete the piece.