Deep Thought

As I have steadily worked my way through the John Thompson book, and am nearing completion now, with only 5 out of 50 pieces remaining, I am wondering about what should my future course of action should be.

John Thompson book was an extra that I picked up just because I wanted to and my teacher never asked me to work on it. Similarly, earlier I had learnt all the pieces from Eckstein book because I thought they should be easily playable. I also learnt some pieces from Alfred book but never really steadily worked through that book. The current book, that of LCM Grade 1 examination is the one that my teacher has asked me to work on, which I will do. But since I always want to work on something on the side, I have three options:

  1. Buy a Grade 2 book, maybe John Thompson and work on it.
  2. Learn some pieces/songs that I like.
  3. Work through more Grade 1 material that I already have available.

If I pick option 3, I can work through the following books:

  1. Alfred
  2. Bartok Mikrokosmos Vol 1
  3. Trinity Initial Level Examination Book

The real question is, what would be more helpful and would accelerate my learning. My thought is, that by using multiple Grade 1 books, I will get to learn multiple different skills which would make transition to Grade 2 smoother. On the other hand, if I move to Grade 2 now, the harder pieces might force me to learn new skills faster.

I think this is very subjective and different people might have different opinions and preferences. I am leaning towards sticking with Grade 1 for a bit longer. I am not sure if I play my current pieces well enough to even consider moving to the next grade.

I guess I will seek opinions from more experienced folks and then make up my mind about what I should do. Meanwhile, I have 5 pieces to complete.

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