Managing expectations is hard. Especially the expectations we have from ourselves. A lot of startup founders realised that they had set up these crazy expectations of growth for their companies and then were finding it hard living up to those. It was they who were pushing themselves, not investors. And it didn’t always lead to positive outcomes because there was this constant feeling of not having achieved their target.

I am having trouble being able to complete pieces at a rate that I would like to. Ideally, I would love to complete my current book by the end of this month. But I get stuck at pieces, and they eat up far too much time. Also, when even after trying a hundred times you are not able to get it, it leads to demotivation and resistance towards more practice. Hence I have decided not to strive for idealism but do what’s pragmatic.

In the last post, I looked a piece ahead and felt it was too difficult for me. I tried it a bit but was having problems playing it. These are the pieces that would actually teach something new to a beginner, maybe a skill that they had ignored until now. But since I am buried under work these days, I decided to skip that piece and complete the pieces ahead so that I know I am continuously making progress. I would definitely go back to this piece in a day or two, but will keep trying to play the further pieces at the same time.

I have this one recording for today.

This was simple enough. I wanted to record another piece called The Birdling’s Serenade. While I have got the individual parts down, I am having trouble changing the hand positions in time. Will continue to work on that piece.

Now I am not sure if I am being too hard on myself, or giving myself too much leeway with my schedule. But whichever it is, I think if I just stick to playing every day, and don’t give up, things will turn out just fine.

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