I met my music academy’s founder last week when I went to class. We had a short conversation, which went like this

She: You had taken the Grade 1 book, right?
Me: Yes
She: How many pieces did you learn by now.
Me: 3 are done. I am working on the 4th one.
She: Ok. Complete the 4th one. Learn all of them very well, and then one day call me to the class so that you can play them for me.

So I thought, I would spend a week to revise all the pieces and then in the next class I can play them. When I actually sat down to practice them, I just wasn’t able to remember the hand movements. I would play a few measures and then would get stuck, not remembering where to go. This happened with the first two pieces. The third one I remembered, even if I wasn’t able to play it correct.

So now maybe I will take a couple of weeks to revise all of the material from this book. I won’t pick up any new pieces. I already have worked on 5. If in a couple of weeks I can get these to a performance level, then I would be more than happy. Let’s see how it goes.

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