Glass Half Full

Instead of cribbing about my slow progress, for a change, I will have a Glass Half Full attitude towards it today. I have successfully figured out playing the first half of the piece. Yes, I hesitate at certain parts, and yes, I am not able to play at speed yet, but at least the needle is beginning to move.

This piece has exposed my terrible reading skills though. With notes all over the two staff, I have to count the lines and spaces to figure out what note to play. Especially for the treble clef.

I tried speeding up the tempo so that the piece sounds somewhat similar to what it is supposed to, but I am just not able to play both hands in sync then. I have practised the piece at half of the actual tempo. And since the notes are not yet under my fingers, playing at speed would also be difficult since I wouldn’t have time to think where I need to go next.

Again, to keep myself more engaged, I picked up a piece from John Thompson book called The Fox Hunt. The piece was very easy to play, which I didn’t expect. Reason being, that I heard someone’s recording of the same piece on YouTube and once I knew the tune, it was just too easy to play the same. I faced one problem though. I was not able to count while playing. Well, not able to count at the speed I wanted to play at. It was too distracting. So I just skipped counting totally. Which means that the timing might be a bit off on this one. Here it is.

I have my class tomorrow. Let’s see what my teacher has to say about me learning half a piece at half the tempo in one week :D