Hello Alfred

I visit Piano World Forums regularly to see what material other beginners generally use. And I found that Alfred’s Piano Courses were quite popular. In fact the book I use, Michael Aaron Piano Course, is also from the Alfred’s series. I recalled that I had bought one of Alfred’s books about five years back when I had just bought a keyboard and was trying to self-learn. I looked through the books I had and there it was Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course Book One.

Since it was a weekend, I had some extra time at hand. So I started contemplating whether I should get started with this book as well. I read some of the descriptions about the book and people had the opinion that this book introduces chords very early so that beginners can play nice sounding pieces from the very start. But then, this would be a distraction from my normal course. Well, I gave in to the temptation and started playing the initial few pieces which of course were very simple. I have gotten to piece 19, which is yet to be recorded. The others have been recorded but not uploaded on Youtube yet.

I spent the past couple of hours trying to write a script which would help me create videos from mp3 and then upload them to Youtube so that I don’t have to do that repetitive task again and again. Well, its not done yet and hence I cannot publish my recordings.

In my regular practice, I spent time on two new pieces. Both of them are in incomplete state right now. While I can strive hard and record one of them at slow tempo, I would rather learn it better and play it at the right tempo. These are the last few pieces in the book and don’t seem that easy. But will definitely have something up by the time I have to publish the next post.

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