Jingle Bells

I live with two of my friends out of which one is married. He is here for work while his family is in another city. His wife and three year old daughter visit occasionally. Last time they were here, the kid was excited to see the keyboard in my room. I switched it on for her and she was playing random notes and having fun. Then her mom asks me to play Jingle Bells for her. But I didn’t know how. Well, I do now. Somewhat.

Now that there is only one piece remaining, which I kind of hate, I am going to start from the beginning again. This time the focus would be on playing a little faster and better and doing that consistently. Right now, I am not able to play the pieces correctly three times in a row. I need to work on that. Also, since I have been ignoring the dynamics for long, now I need to start incorporating them slowly. I will probably do another set of recording of the same pieces and hopefully there will be some observable improvement in the way I play. I don’t know how long this entire activity might take. But I will not rush it. Instead, in class, I will spend more time on technique. I will also learn some new pieces from Alfred’s book.

One good thing that I have observed over the past week is that my practice time has automatically increased. Initially it used to be hard to spend even 15 minutes because the practice felt more like work. Now, I get immersed into playing and the experience is more enjoyable. Hence I am doing about 45 minutes per day split between morning and evening.

If my practice time keeps increasing, I am hour I am going to stick with playing Piano this time around. Fingers crossed.

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