Marching Ahead

I stuck to my resolution of not picking up any new pieces and worked on improving the last three pieces I learnt. Two of them, I can definitely see the improvement. Third one, not so much. This still leaves two more pieces to work on, which I have almost completely forgotten by now. I will pick them up this week.

But besides these pieces, I picked up a new one. Well, I had to. I went to the class and played the previous piece for my teacher. He was satisfied with my performance and asked me to move on to the next one. So I did. This piece is called Cowboy Song and it sounds amazing. Hear it for yourself.

It’s not a difficult piece as such. Very quickly I have been able to learn the melody of the entire piece. The only hard part is the chord progression in the second half of the piece. While there is a clear pattern to the chords, because of the F# in there, it gets difficult to figure out the right notes quickly. So that is the part that I will work on. If everything goes right, this piece should be done this week itself.

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