One down, two to go

People always said, you should celebrate even your small successes. I, on the other hand, don’t celebrate even the big ones. That was until I was doing things I was naturally good at.

On the piano, every piece feels like a new challenge. I am an absolute beginner and the pieces I try cannot be simpler and still it’s hard for me to get them right. Which is why finally being able to play the piece deserves a small celebration now. Hence, this post.

I decided to complete the three pieces I was stuck on before continuing with the book. I am done with the first one.

Sounds like an elementary piece, doesn’t it? And it actually is. The reason I was stuck on it for so long was not the time signature. I had misinterpreted that. The real reason was that the right hand was not at a fixed position and had to move up or down a few times. When you are not sure about where your hand is on the keyboard and how much to move it to reach a specific key, then every time a hand shift is required, you have to look away from the sheet, at the keyboard, to get to the right key. This is a major distraction, because you can’t read ahead to see what to play and also the focus shifts from keeping time to finding and playing the right note. This would happen continuously with me and hence I would pause for a moment whenever a hand shift was needed.

To get it right, I decided not to look at the keyboard while making the shift. After a while, I had the hand shift figured out. Then, there was nothing complex about the piece and I could play it right most of the times.

Now the next piece I am stuck on also requires me to change hand positions. I was trying really hard to play it right yesterday but just could not. Have to work on it today. If all goes well, it is be up tomorrow.

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