(Over) Confidence

So a weird thing has been happening for the past couple of weeks. I have started finding the pieces that I am learning not so challenging, and even quite easy sometimes. I already boasted how the previous two pieces from John Thompson were too simple and did not contribute anything to my learning. The next piece from the book looked difficult, but when I actually started learning it yesterday, it seemed simple enough. Not something I can play in the first go, but simple enough to be learnt in a couple of days with no major challenges.

So have I progressed to a slightly higher level, or have I just become casual in my approach towards learning and am not giving too much importance to these pieces. Maybe because I have started treating John Thompson book as a secondary supplementary material, I am satisfied with learning pieces to a level where they sound good enough to me. That can’t be good for the long run. But given that I am already almost done with the book, I guess I will just get it over with and improve on it once I do the next iteration.

Meanwhile I am already getting started with the Bartok Mikrokosmos Vol 1. The starting pieces are easy enough, so I just want to run through as many of them as possible in one or two sitting. As the things become more and more difficult I will start to dedicate time to individual pieces properly.

So that’s where I am right now. I don’t have anything to publish just yet. But probably by the next time I will have this John Thompson piece done.