Reading Problem

In my last post I mentioned that I have started learning a new piece called Cowboy Song. The melody is simple and catchy. I had learnt it very quickly. As for the LH chords, I was done with the first half of the piece. Or so I thought.

I have never been good at reading notes. So since the very beginning, I try to read intervals. For chords, I just look at the shape and the starting note to figure out what to play. That is fine. But the problem is, that when there is a sequence of chords, with the same shape, then many a times I don’t pay attention over whether the chords are changing or not. I just assume that all the chords are the same. And the same happened with this piece as well. In the first half, the chords were moving up one note at a time. And I was just playing the same chords over and over again. I didn’t realise the mistake until I was looking at a video of someone playing the same piece and noticed that in the first half his LH goes to a F# whereas I was only playing naturals. So I went back to the sheet and then looked at the chords again to correct my mistake. For the past two days I have been just working on that. And this chord sequence is obviously more difficult to learn.

So with all of this happening, I have again arrived at the same place I was two days back. I am done with the first half of the piece and am starting to tackle the second half, which seems much more difficult at this point. Also, counting is a bit difficult for this piece, so I had skipped it entirely. I just heard the tune and figured out the rhythm from it. But it seems that is not going to work anymore because in the second half there are rests in the LH in between the measures, and to play the LH correctly I may need to start counting.

So all in all, not as easy a piece as I though it was. Still hoping to finish it this week though.