It was a long weekend. I could have

  1. Completed the Michael Aaron book.
  2. Made significant progress with the Alfred’s book.
  3. Hung out with friends and barely practice at all.

Needless to say, I chose to hang out with friends. I would feel guilty about it but since I have been making steady progress, I think I deserved a break. So all I really did on Saturday was to go to my Piano class and play some of the pieces which are remaining in the book. I could quickly pick up a couple of them but others were as hard as the first time. Then today I only practiced a few simple pieces from Alfred’s book. I stopped at the first piece that gave any real trouble.

With these new pieces of Alfred’s done, I have completed first 29 pieces. Next logical step? Upload them all to YouTube. I did that and then realised that I created all the videos without any image hence they showed up on YouTube with black screen. So then I deleted them all, and started re-creating and uploading them. Apparently, YouTube restricts users to uploading only 50 videos a day. Hence I could not upload all the recordings I have. Nevertheless, 23 of them are up.

I was surprised to discover that this book got me started on using pedal within the first 30 exercises. I have looked ahead at the pieces in the book, and the ones towards the end of the book look very demanding. The approach of this book is significantly different than Michael Aaron or John Thompson. Hopefully I will be able to make this book part of my everyday practice.

So that’s it for today. I should be back on track from tomorrow.