The student’s dilemma: to cheat or to survive on ramen noodles

Tanvir Zafar
Dec 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Even though young people face financial difficulties almost everywhere in the world, they often have to choose between paid work and honest study. Those who study the most intensively, according to statistics, most often struggle with a lack of finances.

According to a recent Euro student survey, about one in six students in the EU would be able to afford a college without the extra earnings. European Higher Education System is still largely based on lecture and compulsory attendance. In Central and Eastern European countries (unlike in France or Portugal, for example), university students spend much more time than self-study by lecture research. In particular, in the Czech Republic it is on average 17 hours a week spent in lecture rooms and classrooms compared to 14 hours self-study.

In 19 of the 27 countries surveyed, it is also true that students who study the most intensively also have the most serious or even very serious financial problems. This is related to the fact that they spend a great part of their expenses on study and at the same time they have less opportunity to spend their free time. However, regular employment or occasional work are used by more than 80% of students in Europe.

Although, according to statistics, every sixth student in EU could not afford to stay at school without his own allowance, an unbearable financial burden is only about

15% of cases when the student does not complete the school. Differences also create a family background for learners — those who live with parents work on average three hours a week less than those living alone. Students whose parents themselves do not have higher education then work even four hours longer than those with parent-college students.

The survey also showed that with the growing age, the interest in study, its intensity. Older students work considerably more and reduce the time spent studying. If they are prolonging or starting a school at an older age, they are more likely to get into a situation where it is not enough to complete all the assignments due to job responsibilities. Some of these are searched for by specialized companies that offer help with yearly or final work.

“The ratio of students is about 50/50 — men to women. We we work mostly in social sciences, but also quite a lot in technical ones, where students more often combine a work placement with writing a final thesis, “explains Lucy Wang, founder of the first comparative portal for the elaboration of university paperwork It offers user reviews, comparison of documents and translations by price, quality or speed, or instructions on how to recognize a serious service.

In some cases, people can’t focus on the thesis elaboration not because they are not capable, but because of the family. Over 9% of students have one or more children, 5% even children older than six.

“Questions are addressed to people who do not know what to do with the assignments, just those who do not want to work out because of work or family. I remember the case of a woman who was helping her dying mother and she devoted all her time to her, but at the same time she could not afford to write all the assignments for university. She had to submit her diploma thesis, for which she had the work done by professionals, “adds Lucy Wang.


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