What will Chemotherapy look like?

Ian Yates
Ian Yates
Jul 6 · 2 min read

Today Diane had an appointment with the Oncologist at Clínica Rotger, Dra. Antonia Perelló Martorell, to discuss the chemotherapy schedule.

  • Chemo will last 6 months; 3 months of sessions 21 days apart, 3 months of sessions every week.
  • Sessions will each last around 2 hours.
  • It’s almost certain she’ll lose her hair a couple of weeks after the first session, though (crucially) probably not her eyebrows.
  • She’ll also experience symptoms classically associated with chemotherapy (nausea, tiredness) though the second cycle of 3 months will probably be easier than the first.
  • Medicine will be administered through an implanted port, under the skin on the left side of her chest (close to the heart, nothing to do with proximity to tumours).
  • First session will be Monday 12th July, but before then she’ll need a PET scan in order to determine if any other areas of her body have been affected by cancer.
  • PET scans apparently use an injection of contrast fluid which is rich in sugars; cancer cells can be identified by how actively they consume the sugars.
  • Diane will also have a BRCA blood test to see whether this cancer is the result of hereditary mutations (which would therefore put Ivy and Tess at greater risk of breast cancer). At this stage it would seem unlikely that this is an hereditary thing.
  • When the chemotherapy is complete there’ll be 1 month recovery before surgery.
  • Surgery will be mastectomy and reconstruction of left breast, having first tested to see if removal of Lymph Nodes is needed at the same time.
  • Tomorrow Diane has an appointment to schedule the chemo sessions, after which we might be able to plan where she’ll have them (Mallorca, Barcelona, Andorra).

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