HPB’s Security Has Been Fully Audited by IT Security Firm KnownSec.com

HPB Global
Jun 28, 2019 · 2 min read

HPB’s blockchain infrastructure has been thoroughly vetted by Knownsec.com. Back in August, 2018, HPB announced the partnership with Knownsec.com, that resulted in Knownsec.com providing their security expertise for an in-depth HPB MainNet code, HPB Wallet, and Smart Contracts security audit.

Due to HPB’s unique approach in mixing hardware and software, security requirements differ when compared to other blockchains and require wider spread security checks. The review focused on HPB’s smart contract, consensus algorithm, Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE) hardware, network protocol, iOS and Android mobile applications, and other miscellaneous features that are offered by the HPB Foundation. The services provided aimed to identify potential security threats and take imperative prevention measures to bolster security. HPB’s infrastructure is among the safest in the industry by securing the point of entry (BOE hardware), and securing the content that passes said point of entry (smart contracts), threats are eliminated at the two most conventionally vulnerable parts in the system.

Knownsec.com has completed the security audit, and according to the report, HPB has proved itself to be a high-performing blockchain with a high security rating.

Knownsec.com has been providing security services for over 100 blockchain enterprises since 2011. Favored by many top-tier blockchain businesses, the company draws from practical experience in blockchain security to pinpoint threats, vulnerabilities, and bugs from a developer’s perspective. Knownsec.com will continue to provide security advice to HPB to support our ongoing security optimizations.

The HPB Foundation

Originally posted on 26–03–2019


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