What is a Candidate Journey Map and Why Do You Need It?

A candidate journey map is a great tool for improving your whole recruiting process. If you want to recruit the best candidates out there, you need to utilize it!

What is a candidate journey map?

A candidate journey map is a visual representation of all the touchpoints candidates have with your company’s employer brand during different stages of their candidate journey.

During their candidate journey, job seekers go through 6 different stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Interest
  4. Application
  5. Selection
  6. Hire.

All candidates go through all of these candidate journey stages.

However, in reality their candide journey isn’t linear.

This is because during each of these stages, candidates may have multiple interactions with your employer brand and your people (your employees, recruiters, etc.), both online and offline.

For example, a candidate may:

  • See your job advertisement on a job board
  • Visit your career site and read your career blog
  • Check the ratings of your company on a company review sites
  • Visit your company’s Facebook page
  • Join your Talent Network
  • Talk to your company representative at the career fair
  • Fill out your online job application
  • Come in for the interview, etc.

In the end, a real-life candidate journey looks a bit more like this:

Why do you need a candidate journey map?

A candidate journey map is a great tool for improving your whole recruiting process.

It is a great tool for analysing every step of your hiring process, from the first to the last touchpoint.

That way, you can find how good (or bad) your company is at each specific touchpoint along the candidate journey. You’ll be able to identify good practices and bottlenecks and improve your candidate experience.

You will also gather important information you can use to guide your recruitment marketing strategy. You will learn exactly which type of content you should use to at every step of candidate journey to successfully present your company’s employer brand across many different channels.

You will also know which channels work best so you can better allocate your recruitment resources. As a result, you will be able to recruit the right people for your company faster and cheaper!

How to create a candidate journey map?

To learn how to map your candidates’ journey in 5 easy steps, check out our Step-by-step Guide for Candidate journey mapping!