How I fought against SPAM ?

I, like everybody else, have been a victim of e-mail spam since quiet some time.

This lady from a US based company (with presence in 91 countries) has been spamming me since quiet some time now. I never subscribed to such mails/services. I always requested her to unsubscribe me but in vain.

On 25th June, 2015, I got her below mail:

This time, I thought of doing some research before replying to her mails.

Here’s what I did:

  • I Googled her name and found the organization she works for.
  • I went to that organizations website and researched a little bit. I then came across their privacy policy which was against spamming.
  • I then went ahead and sent her this mail:
  • On the same day, I got a reply from their Sr. Director who sits in their headquarters apologizing for the same. Below is the mail:
  • The next day, I got an apology mail from their India head:
  • And then finally I got an apology mail from the one who sent me the first mail (SPAMMER):

I don’t say that this will guarantee that Spamming will stop. But someone has to take action so that the spammers also learn that it is not right to send unsolicited mails to random people.

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