What to Do When There’s a Disconnect Between HR & Company Leaders

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2 min readJan 9, 2024


In a recent episode of my podcast, the HR Minute, I had the privilege of conversing with Wendy Sellers, also known as the HR Lady. Our discussion delved into the often complex relationship between HR and company leadership. Wendy’s insights were enlightening, and I’m eager to share some key takeaways from our conversation.

Bridging the HR-Leadership Divide

A central theme that emerged from our talk was the noticeable disconnect between HR and leadership in many organizations.

Wendy pointed out how often HR is not fully aligned with the leadership’s vision, leading to a disjointed approach in managing and nurturing talent. This gap, we agreed, needs bridging for the betterment of any organization.

Here’s the full video:

Leadership: A Role, Not Just a Title

A moment that particularly resonated with me was when Wendy challenged the traditional view of leadership. She advocated that leadership isn’t confined to job titles but is about influence and initiative. This perspective is a game-changer, suggesting that leadership can and should come from all levels within an organization.

The Dynamics of Flat Leadership

Our discussion on flat leadership was particularly intriguing. Wendy emphasized its potential in democratizing decision-making but also cautioned about the need for clear boundaries. This balance, we concurred, is crucial to prevent disorder while promoting inclusivity.

Conflict as a Catalyst for Growth

I found Wendy’s take on workplace conflicts to be particularly insightful. Rather than viewing them as mere hurdles, she suggested seeing them as opportunities for learning and growth. This proactive approach can transform potential negatives into positives, fostering a more dynamic and resilient workplace culture.

Humanizing HR

A significant part of our conversation revolved around the human aspect of HR. Wendy stressed the importance of empathy and genuine communication in dealing with employees. This reinforced my belief in the power of understanding and valuing the human element in the corporate world.

Onboarding and Continuous Engagement

Wendy and I also touched on the importance of an effective onboarding process and ongoing employee engagement. It’s not just about the first day; it’s an ongoing journey of integration and communication, vital for cultivating a strong and aligned workforce.

Reflecting on the Conversation

Engaging with Wendy Sellers was an enriching experience. It underscored the need for better alignment between HR and leadership, an inclusive approach to leadership roles, and the importance of viewing conflicts as learning opportunities. It was a reminder that at the heart of HR is humanity, and keeping this at the forefront can transform the way we navigate workplace dynamics.

You can view the podcast above, and if you want to listen to it on Spotify instead, here’s the link:



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HR Tech Spotlight

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