Statement Of Journalists Following Database Leak With Personal Information Of War Reporters In Ukraine

We, journalists of Ukrainian and foreign media, and representatives of Ukrainian and international media organizations are deeply shocked by the actions of Ukrainian politicians and “Peacemaker” website staff, who publicly made available the personal data of all journalists, who were granted accreditation in the self-proclaimed “”DNR/LNR”, naming them as people “who cooperate with terrorists”.

The ones who were affected are the Ukrainian and foreign journalists, who were risking their lives while objectively covering the events and reporting for Ukrainian and world media on what was happening in the occupied territories.

In particular, thanks to their work, it became clear who was a part of the “Vostok” battalion, about Motorola and other militants’ crimes, about Russian weapons supplies and lots of other issues.

It was these journalists who provided the information for holding a quality investigation of the Malaysian Boeing crash in the summer of 2014. Their material about leading figures of occupied territories formed the basis of many investigations and analytic material.

We especially emphasize that accreditation does not mean and has never meant the cooperation of journalists with any of the conflict sides. Accreditation is a form of protection and security for journalists.

We remind that according to Ukrainian and international media-organizations, in 2014 alone, 80 Ukrainian and foreign journalists were captured, many of them were tortured. The accreditation was minimal but was the only mechanism of protection from torture and captivity.

After the accusation of “working for terrorists” and the publishing of their personal data, phone numbers and emails, journalists started receiving threatening calls and messages. Some Ukrainian politicians have already considered these journalists as “Enemies of Ukraine” and forbid them to work.

Such attitude towards journalists is a direct violation of the Constitution of Ukraine, the law “About Personal Data Protection” and the European Convention on Human Rights. It is dishonorable and unacceptable in a civilized and non-totalitarian state like Ukraine.

We demand the “Peacemaker” website to immediately remove the information about related journalists’ personal data from the public’s access.

We appeal to Ukrainian politicians, members of Parliament with a demand to stop the manipulation with this information.

We also appeal to Ukrainian authorities, law enforcement authorities with a demand to institute criminal proceedings on the violation of the law of Ukraine about personal data protection, putting pressure and threatening the journalists mentioned in a list.

Oksana Romanyuk, Reporters Without Borders

Sevgil Musayeva, Ukrayinska Pravda

Andrii Kulykov, Hromadske Radio

Kateryna Sergatskova,

Nataliya Gumenyuk,

Anastasiya Stanko,

Angelina Kariakina,

Alla Koshlyak,

Iryna Slavinska, Hromadske Radio

Ihor Burdyga, freelance journalist

Pavel Kazarin, Radio Liberty

Ksenia Turkova, Radio Vesti

Otar Dovzhenko, UKU School of Journalism

Alisa Sopova, The New York Times (Ukraine)

Pavel Kanygin, Novaya Gazeta

Anna Nemtsova, The Daily Beast, Foreign Policy, Politico

Simon Ostrovskiy, Vice News

Gulliver Gragg, France 24

Cristopher Miller, former Mashable

Stephane Siohan, freelance-journalist

Pawel Pieniążek, freelance-journalist

Piotr Andrusieczko, Gazeta Wyborcza, Nowa Europa Wschodnia

Anton Elashchuk, freelance journalist

Anastasiya Magazova, Deutsche Welle

Noah Sneider, The Economist

Serhiy Mokrushyn,

Vataliy Atanasov, documentary

Max Avdeev, photographer

Roman Stepanovych, Veronika Sylchenko, freelance journalists

Brian Bonner, Kyiv Post

Olga Rudenko, Kyiv Post

Alyona Zhuk, Kyiv Post

Maxim Eristavi,

Viktoria Sumar

Tetiana Kozak, freelance journalist

Alexandr Sybirtsev,

Yuliya Poluhina, Novaya Gazeta