How Tickit Helps Patients to Be Heard?

Daniel Penn, CEO and Co-Founder of Tickit. Photo Credit: H. Spectrum

H. Spectrum is the first incubator in Asia focusing on healthcare related fields. To groom and stimulate the startup network, H. Spectrum hosts TRANS Conference. At TRANS, accomplished entrepreneurs and venture capitalists inspire and interact with the public audience. Daniel Penn, CEO and Co-Founder of Tickit Health is invited to share his startup experience.

New evidence shows that using technological solutions for collecting Patient Report Data (PRD) rather than interviews and paper questionnaires, brings out significantly higher data quality. This is one of the main factors that make Daniel and his mother founded Tickit Health with the key goal — raising up patient voice.

The question is “Why the patient data collected with the traditional method is not as accurate as PRD?"

PRD increased the sense of comfort for the patient. “Patients are concerned about what their physicians and front-line health staff think about them,” explains Daniel Penn. “There are data showing that people tend to be more truthful in technology assessments rather than face-to-face interviews.” Furthermore, the early uses of Tikit Health platforms showed a marked increase in detection of suicidal ideation in adolescents as compared to face-to-face interviews. The suicide rate is going up and now it’s the second leading cause of dead from 15–29 years old which has been an alarm to the fact that the data collected by old method not fine enough.

Daniel Penn, CEO and Co-Founder of Tickit. Photo Credit: H. Spectrum

Tickit is a digital company that uses graphics and icons to help patients self-report their symptoms and then organizes the patient-inputted data into a report for physicians to review. Doctors are alerted to important details with “flags” to help them shift through the information and focus on key issues during the visit.

Transitioning patient data into the digital realm not only improves diagnosis and reduces physician workload, it also allows more complex analytics, and can even help identify key areas for additional health care funding while saving cost in the process. The wide-ranging benefits of this technology can be a boon to overworked health care professionals, helping them ensure the treatment is effective, efficient, compassionate, and always patient-centred.

Thanks to the diversity of Tickit Health team, it can develop and expand the platform to many countries. At the recent time Tickit Health is expanding into hospitals around the world. Based on the data, they collected from users, 92% of the patients found the visit more comprehensive and 85% found it’s easy to understand how to use the platform. There is a positive impact on patient care for the doctors as well. It has attracted important clients such as Seattle Children’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital and also negotiate to cooperation with hospitals in Canada and Australia.

About Daniel Penn

Daniel Penn is the CEO and co-founder of Tickit, an award winning company that helps healthcare organizations improve outcomes through patient reported data. He was named to Forbes 30 under 30 list for healthcare and has twice been a TEDMED Scholar. He has presented on the topic “Innovation in Healthcare” at conferences like, MedicineX (Stanford), Health 2.0 and Queen’s Innovation Summit.

By Lê Thân Thanh Thảo
Edit by Sarah Wang, Ariel Cho

Daniel Penn, CEO and Co-Founder of Tickit. Photo Credit: H. Spectrum