Bucharest HBase/Hadoop Meetup with Lars George at Adobe

Cosmin Lehene
May 25, 2011 · 1 min read

Next Tuesday (31st of May 2011) we’ll host a HBase/Hadoop meetup at the Adobe office in Bucharest. We’ll have Lars George — HBase committer, author of “HBase: The Definitive Guide”, Cloudera Solution Architect for Europe as a special guest.

Our hope is to get to meet more HBase/Hadoop local users to share knowledge. So if you’re using HBase or Hadoop or plan to use them you’re welcome.

Leave a comment if you want to sign-up for an up to 10 minutes lightning talk.

HBase intro — Lars George
Big Data with HBase and Hadoop at Adobe
Talk 3
Lightning talks (10m each)
HBase status and roadmap — Lars George
Q&A/Open discussion

After: beers at Rock’n Pasta or downtown

Register here


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