Enriching Students’ Learning

Mr Eugene Toh, Programme Founder and Managing Director for Economics at TuitionGenius

Mr Eugene Toh once aspired to be a pilot. Little did he know that he was going to be an economics tutor, a founder of several tuition centres and an author of A Level Economics guidebooks.

Mr Toh graduated from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He did his post-graduate studies at Singapore Management University, graduating with a Master’s of Science in Applied Economics. He is doing a 2nd masters degree now, an EMBA at Smartly School of Business. Currently, Mr Toh is the Programme Founder and Managing Director for Economics at TuitionGenius Pte Ltd and Economics at Tuitiongenius Academy. Apart from Economics at TuitionGenius Pte Ltd, he is also the Founder of Learn Anywhere, an EduTech startup. Other than tuition centres, Mr Toh is also the author of the “Essential Guide to A Level Economics” series.

We had the honour of speaking to Mr Toh on his ten year journey in teaching Economics.

He shared with us his greatest satisfaction as an educator:

“I am exceptionally proud of my students when I see them do well in school and eventually pursue their respective dreams. There was once when my wife went to the doctor and the gynaecologist on call next door was my ex-student. Moments like this remind me how proud I am of them even though I personally think that their achievements have little to do with me. Although I have contributed in very minor ways, I am glad to have played this small role. I feel happy when I see my students graduate and knowing that they’re doing well.”

Having started from a humble background, Mr Toh firmly believes that being goal-oriented and working hard to reach the goal is the secret to achieving success in life. Through his passion and love for Economics, Mr Toh aims to inspire his students and spark their interest in the subject.

When asked about his differing factor from other tutors, Mr Toh credits it to his combination of strategies to help his students excel. Mr Toh believes that in order for a student to excel in the subject, he or she must first be interested in the subject. As such, Mr Toh’s signature ETG Economics Tuition Programme aims to engage students and help them fall in love with Economics by incorporating real world examples into discussion questions to make the subject more relatable and interesting. Furthermore, this programme aims to break down broad Economics theory into content that is easily understandable by his students.

Mr Toh provides support for his students — both academically and non-academically. He understands that some of his students may have further queries when they revise at home, and hence provides consultation at odd hours for them via Whatsapp and SMS. This is especially useful since students can clarify their doubts as and when they need to. Additionally, Mr Toh also provides free flow snacks and beverages such as candies, chocolates, chips, ice-cream, cookies, cup noodles and granola bars for them.

To make post-promos exams more engaging and fun for the J1s, Mr Toh would be conducting a lesson from New York City on price discrimination on his Singapore Airlines flight and cost of living comparison between Singapore and NYC.

Keeping up with technological advances, Mr Toh has also adopted the use of hybrid learning through live-streaming lessons, Slack workspace for collaboration & communications with students as well as an immersive LMS. This has introduced flexibility into learning as students can choose to learn at their convenience.

“For instance, if my student does not feel like coming down to the centre today, he is able to log in to the portal and still attend the lesson live at the comfort of his home. The choice is up to them.”

With such innovative tools incorporated to Mr Toh’s classes, it is no wonder why he is highly popular with his students with over a thousand handwritten testimonials and Facebook and Google reviews.

As parting words for aspiring teachers, Mr Toh shares that teachers should not enter the industry with the notion that it is a stable job where you do the same thing every time. Students are directly impacted if a teacher fails to deliver. For private tutors, it may not necessarily mean flexible hours because there are many other things such as lesson curriculum you as a tutor have to consider.

“Tutoring is not an easy job. If you are not doing your best and not putting in your utmost effort, students will know.”

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