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Image capture from I Do Coke video

Kill The Noise & Feed Me — I Do Coke

Cocaine is a hell of a drug

Even though you can’t watch it on Medium, thus I make no money for it (all my single videos are free.) You need to see this if you haven’t. Trust me.




Music Videos are awesome and they are still being made. Music Videos live on HTMV.

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Ok there is going to be a change on tired of the shit. Excuses me.

🙌🙌$WSG Team you’re doing such an amazing job!🤩

Capstone Week 4

Glad to be here

A Lemon In Your Bedroom for Several Days Will Save Your Life and Maybe You Did Not Know It!

City Shopping Promenade Kundenservice

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Hogan Torah

Hogan Torah

Has shit in his bio.

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