Australian Forensic Cleaning Helps Hoarders To Recover And Clean Up

Helping Hoarders To Recover And Clean Up

Having a loved one who suffers a hoarding and gross filth situation can be a very problematic. Chronic hoarding is a serious disease, and breaking the habit can be a long, difficult process, for everyone involved. Forensic Cleaning Australia has seen this problem first-hand many times, working extensively with the families of hoarders, hoarding counsellors, mental health services and hoarders themselves.

Starting the Hoarder Remediation Process

Be supportive, from beginning to end. Encourage the hoarder, and remind them why they’re doing this. Remember that hoarding is a disease, one that is beyond their control.

Preparing For Clean-Up Day

Set specific goals for your clean up day. Initially, goals should be small including clearing a single room, for example, or even a single cupboard space.

Select removing safety hazards. When deciding what order to clean, start with areas that pose health and safety hazards including piles, fire hazards, blocked exits and biohazard waste. No matter how much preparing the hoarder has done, the reality of throwing out all their possessions may be a very difficult thing to handle.

Consider Bringing in the Professionals

Although no two hoarding or gross filth situations are the same, they almost always involve biohazards, such as animal urine and faeces, blood, sharps and any other substances or items that may carry dangerous diseases. Australian Forensic Cleaning trained and expert remediation technicians specialise in hoarding and gross filth clean ups to leave your home biologically and environmentally safe. We understand the sensitive nature of hoarding scenes and use the paramount degree of discretion and compassion to deliver an effective solution.

Australian Forensic Cleaning | The National Leader in Gross Filth, Squalor and Hoarder House Remediation

Australian Forensic Cleaning specialist forensic and biological remediation technicians provide a superior Gross Filth and Hoarder remediation service to all metro and regional locations across Australia. No region is too remote.

Australian Forensic Cleaning is available 24/7, providing all classes of Gross Filth, Squalor and Hoarder Mess Removal and Remediation for residents and businesses across Australia. Our experienced biological remediation professionals will discreetly arrive at your home, remove all waste and contaminated items, clean and disinfect your home, and leave the space deodorised. Our goal is remove all traces and smells of the incident, so you can move forward with your life. Delivering Hoarder Remediation services to homeowners, business owners, government agencies, real estate agents, insurance providers and the private sector, Australian Forensic Cleaning is well adept in all facets of bio-remediation and work to ensure your property, business or vehicle in comprehensively and promptly remediated to a safe, biohazard free and habitable environment once more.

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