No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky’s release date has been and gone, it has been a very busy weekend for Hello Games as there were a number of players unable to even boot the game up. This was a problem with the processors they were using didnt have the instruction set required to run the game propertly or at all (SSE4.1) As far as I am aware, this only affects old AMD processors so if you have atleast an intel i5 2500 onwards then you will be fine. Personally I have an i7 2600k and an NVidia 980Ti and haven't experienced a single crash so far. There are reports of jitters in the games FPS which I did experience but I updated my graphics driver to 369.00 from NVidias OpenGL driver page which fixed this for me. I am currently in my 25th hour of play and only on my 4th or 5th planet explored!

Happy exploring!