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NA 57: from Naples, the cocktail that challenges Champagne

image credit: Officina Mirabilis — Communications and media Agency

Journey to the land and to the savor ILSUDPLUS and NA 57: from Naples, the cocktail that challenges Champagne. The NA 57 was born, and the result is “na bomb” explosive! There is an answer, a product & experience design network from Sud to Plus! Living Campania region at its best. Details, click on the link below. ⬇️⬇️

It is the new original campaign meant to revive the South of Italy through a re-interpretation of the — Champagne Cocktail — one of the most famous and elegant drinks in history.

On the 5th of July, the communications and media agency Officina Mirabilis launched the first creative campaign of its new project, IL SUDPLUS, the product & experience design network from South to Plus!

The day is not used by chance. The concept came about to promote Naples, its islands, and the excellent products of Campania, through an explosive drink, able to cope with the timeless French 75, the cocktail named after a war device of the First World War, made with Champagne, Gin, and lemon juice.

A participatory campaign is also foreseen.
What is a participatory campaign?

A participatory campaign is a multi-sponsors advertising campaign based on the idea that unity is strength.

Look a clear example of a post with multi tagged-mentioned sponsors, in the attached brochure, with the possibility of promoting it via Ads from the main account and Instagram page, in co-branding or by influencer profiles.

Whoever will taste the cocktail, please, is invited to tag them by using the hashtags #NA57 #NAbomb #ilSudPlus #TheSudplus and will be reposted in their Stories.

image credit: Officina Mirabilis — Communications and media Agency

Il 5/7 l’agenzia di comunicazione Officina Mirabilis ha lanciato la prima proposta creativa del suo nuovo progetto IL SUDPLUS, il product & experience design network dal Sud al Plus! Un giorno davvero speciale, scelto non a caso per celebrare Napoli, le sue Isole e gli eccellenti prodotti della Campania, attraverso un drink potente, ideato per sfidare l’intramontabile French 75, il cocktail che ha il nome di un ordigno della I Guerra Mondiale, a base di Champagne, Gin e succo di limone.

L’operazione NA 57 prevede anche una campagna parteciptoria. Che cosa’è una campagna partecipatoria?

Una campagna partecipata è un’operazione pubblicitaria multi-sponsor, basata sull’idea che l’unione fa la forza. Consulta un esempio di post con multi-sponsor, taggati e menzionati, con possibilità di promuoverlo via Ads dall’account principale e la pagina Instagram, in co-branding o da profili influencer.

Per far parte all’iniziativa scarica le specifiche nella brochure in allegato > #NA57

Blogpost initially published on ⬇️ ⬇️

Journey to the land and to the savor — Viaggio nella Terra e nel Gusto

A glocal rebranding project by Officina Mirabilis, and Campanica; Monitoring Italy’s Campania Region around Naples, at its “Best.”




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