An Interview with Treasureland’s Featured Project: Jessica NFT

Jessia NFT, our featured NFT project in Treasureland whose trading volume exceeds 200 BNB. As a Dao (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), its team members come from all over the world. Why is Jessica NFT so attractive to its community and what’s the uniqueness of the project? Last week, we had an interview with them. Let’s take a look at the interview below to reveal the secret.

1. Can you introduce Jessica NFT to us?

Jessica NFT is a 5000-group Avatar generated by Generative Adversarial Networks. There may be many GAN-generated projects on the market already, but Jessica NFT’s difference lies in that it has many distinctive playing methods. For example, Jessica NFT has its own open worldview, each Jessica NFT is an independent parallel universe, where users are free to set their own worlds, and story creators can give full play to their imaginations. Jessica NFT also has its own derivatives foundation, producing many physical peripherals, as well as its own virtual idol development plan, etc. Most importantly, a consensus and unity in the Jessica NFT community can be hardly found in other projects.

2. You are a very excellent team and have created very popular NFTs, can you introduce your team to us?

Jessica NFT is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). With a team of people from all over the world, we have people who are good at community operations as well as design and technology, and we have a community different from the rest. Our community has a governance board, a volunteer team and our core club. It is the collaboration of all of us that has made JESSICA what it is today.

The community will always be the core for Jessica NFT. In fact, our community is extremely active and enthusiastic, and we take every new person who joins the community seriously and listen to their ideas.

3. Why did you choose to issue NFT? What is your opinion of NFT? What does NFT bring to your project?

We feel that NFT is a very important development trend in the future, and we want to make some bold innovations and experiments under such a trend, which includes the layout of the future meta-universe and the layout of virtual idols and IPs.

4. What are Jessica’s current partners? Does Jessica have any investment funds?

At present, Jessica NFT has not yet done any financing, and everything is operated by the DAO organization. Undoubtedly, we will consider attracting angel investment later, till the number of our holding addresses increases by a magnitude.

5. Why did you choose to launch in Treasureland? What do you think of Treasureland? What do you think of the experience for artists in Treasureland?

I think Treasureland is a great platform, and the data of Treasureland shows that it is growing very fast. Treasureland’s staffs are also very committed and often come to solve problems right the first time. I hope that Treasureland can get better and better.

6. What role will the community play in your development? What kind of relationship do you have with the community?

The community will always be the core for Jessica NFT. In fact, our community is extremely active and enthusiastic, and we take every new person who joins the community seriously and listen to their ideas. At every stage, we do many NFT welfare placements for the community, and the Jessica NFT community is expanding every moment. Because we have chosen a completely different approach to NFT distribution. We use a daily update approach to make sure that every newbie does not join too late and is able to profit from it and build many good social connections.

7. There are many elements about the metaverse on Jessica’s related media, What are your plans for Jessica’s future? Will you enter the metaverse, gamefi, and other fields?

Rest assured, the metaverse is an important layout for Jessica NFT. Jessica NFT will deploy a completely different metaverse world, and each Jessica NFT will be a special presence in the future metaverse world. Find out more about Jessica NFT’s related metaverse setting!

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