Treasureland Biweekly Recap (Jan 6 — Jan 19)

Our biweekly report for the second week of January outlines another series of strategic partnerships we have made with stakeholder projects in the NFT space.

The report also captures details of technical improvements such as bug fixes, interface modifications, and new functionalities introduced by our dev team.

Technical Updates

1. Treasureland BETA is Live!

Thanks to the continuous constructive feedback from our community that has been the backbone of the ongoing rebuild of our website, our team has announced the release of the Beta version of the new Treasureland marketplace.

To further make our platform more user-friendly and solicit more reviews, we have created a gleam competition to raffle out 100 Treasureland exclusive NFTs. Participants only need to explore the Beta version and suggest how the UX/UI can be improved.

2. Additional Features for the new Treasureland

In the version of Treasureland, we will integrate the following features and a host of several other functionalities that we will disclose soon:

  • More filter options
  • Dark/light mode
  • Different NFT display so users can browse more NFTs by switching between other chains & partners with one click
  • Updates notification feature
  • Separate artists in a unique collection

3. Following users featured added on Treasureland ETH

Users now can follow others on Treasureland’s new version thanks to a new function powered by CyberConnect. The new feature can facilitate users to communicate with others and in the future, more social features will be added.

4. New cryptocurrencies are available for payment on Treasureland: $ONT and $ONG. Treasureland will support more currencies to facilitate users in NFT trading.

Partnership and Event

1. Kaki Protocol, a DeFi gamification project, got the nod to use Treasureland as one of four launchpads for its NFT sales event, which took place on 12th — Jan 6.

2. Following a successful AMA session that was massively attended, Beast Legends, the world’s first marble fighting GameFi project, announced that its upcoming blind boxes would launch on Treasureland. A specific date for the event will be announced soon — Jan 6.

3. Treasureland hosted Kaki Protocol as a guest in our telegram group in a text-based AMA on the topic “How to earn more in Kaki Protocol, in a fast and risk-free way?”. To mark the event, 15 squid ticket NFTs worth $150 were given out to the attendees- Jan 9.

4. MetaYoka got listed on the Treasureland NFT marketplace. To commemorate the partnership, MetaYoka held an inclusive gleam competition for Yoka NFTs worth up to $1000. MetaYoka is a free-to-earn NFT video gaming company — Jan 11.

5. Influencer and Treasureland partner Mori participated in the Meson Network-hosted debate to discuss the comparative merits and demerits of Forever DAO and Hurricane DAO. — Jan 12.

6. Treasureland, alongside other reputable innovators like SumoTex and ShibexSoldiers, featured in the IoTeX Ecosystem Spotlight that discussed its soon-to-be-launched MachineFi Portal — Jan 13.

7. Treasureland had an AMA session on Jan 14th with Yield DAO, a DAO-governed NFT collection that is nature-themed — Jan 13.

8. The closed beta version of OceanMollu is officially launched. To celebrate the new launch, OceanMollu had a gleam event with Treasureland on Jan 17.

9. Treasureland has established a partnership with Tap fantasy, an MMORPG blockchain game

building the big P2E NFT game on BSC — Jan 18.

About Treasureland

Treasureland is a cross-chain NFT platform for NFT issuance, NFT trading, NFT collections, and tailored in-shop services. It provides a one-stop solution to business-end users from 0 to 1 and a multiple chain aggregation experience to C-end users.

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Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT issuance and trading platform, empowering users to mint NFTs within one click and conveniently buy, sell or auction NFTs.