Treasureland Monthly Report (Jan 1 — Jan 31)

Treasureland presents its first monthly report for the new year. 2022 has not exactly been the way it was anticipated at first. However, despite the bearish outlook of things, we are not relenting in our vision to build the biggest multi-chain NFT marketplace, tailor-made for users. Having that said, here is a full round-up of our activities throughout January, including technical fixes, feature upgrades, and partnerships.

I. Technical Updates

  1. Treasureland BETA is Live!

Thanks to the continuous constructive feedback from our community that has been the backbone of the ongoing rebuild of our website, our team has announced the release of the Beta version of the new Treasureland marketplace.

2. Additional Features for the new Treasureland

In the new version of Treasureland, we will integrate the following features and a host of several other functionalities that we will disclose soon:

  • More filter options
  • Dark/light mode
  • Different NFT display so users can browse more NFTs by switching between other chains & partners with one click
  • Updates notification feature
  • Separate artists in a unique collection

3. Following users features added on Treasureland ETH

Users now can follow others on Treasureland’s new version thanks to a new function powered by CyberConnect. The new feature can facilitate users to communicate with others, and in the future, more social features will be added.

4. New cryptocurrencies are available for payment on Treasureland: $ONT and $ONG. Treasureland will support more currencies to facilitate users in NFT trading.

5. Treasureland Deploys on Moonbeam

We successfully deployed the Treasureland NFT smart contract protocol on the Moonbeam network as part of our ecosystem expansion strategy. Moonbeam is a multi-chain NFT aggregation protocol connected to the Polkadot blockchain network.

The deployment will bring Treasureland closer to becoming an NFT marketplace where collectors and creators from Moonbeam/ Polkadot community can easily buy and launch NFTs at a lower fee and more speed with the multi-chain technology than on Ethereum mainnet. Both Treasureland and Moonbeam’s developers will work closely to iron out complex technical details and ensure the transition goes smoothly.

6. Coinbase Wallet Integration!

In yet another calculated effort to give NFT enthusiasts multiple platforms to trade NFTs, our team has finished the integration of the Coinbase Wallet on the Treasureland marketplace. Now users can connect with their Coinbase wallet and start trading NFTs.

Coinbase Wallet is the top-tier crypto wallet, dapp browser, gateway to the decentralized web.

II. Partnerships and Events

  1. Our first event for the year was an AMA session with Blade Warrior, which was hosted in the official Treasureland telegram group on Jan 3. Blade Warrior is a top GameFi project built by the 3A team. Also, $5000 worth of tokens were airdropped to selected participants. Both platforms will proactively join forces to push the growth of the NFT sector through interchain NFT transactions, NFT minting, and other use cases.”— Jan 3

2. Treasureland, CyberConnect, and Ownership Labs, alongside a few individual crypto researchers, collaborated to host a Twitter voice session focusing on NFTs and Web3. — Jan 5

3. The cross-chain decentralized account system, DAS successfully integrated the Treasureland NFT marketplace on its protocol. Users can now show their NFTs on BSC, Polygon, MoonRiver, and IoTeX in their personal DAS NFT store! — Jan 5.

4. Kaki Protocol, a DeFi gamification project, got the nod to use Treasureland as one of four launchpads for its NFT sales event, which took place on 12th — Jan 6.

5. Following a successful AMA session that was massively attended, Beast Legends, the world’s first marble fighting GameFi project, announced that its upcoming blind boxes would launch on Treasureland. A specific date for the event will be announced soon — Jan 6.

6. Treasureland hosted Kaki Protocol as a guest in our telegram group in a text-based AMA on the topic “How to earn more in Kaki Protocol, in a fast and risk-free way?”. To mark the event, 15 squid ticket NFTs worth $150 were given out to the attendees — Jan 9.

7. MetaYoka got listed on the Treasureland NFT marketplace. To commemorate the partnership, MetaYoka held an inclusive gleam competition for Yoka NFTs worth up to $1000. MetaYoka is a free-to-earn NFT video gaming company — Jan 11.

8. Influencer and Treasureland partner Mori participated in the Meson Network-hosted debate to discuss the comparative merits and demerits of Forever DAO and Hurricane DAO. — Jan 12.

9. Treasureland, alongside other reputable innovators like SumoTex and ShibexSoldiers, featured in the IoTeX Ecosystem Spotlight that discussed its soon-to-be-launched MachineFi Portal — Jan 13.

10. Treasureland had an AMA session on Jan 14 with Yield DAO, a DAO-governed NFT collection that is nature-themed — Jan 13.

11. The closed beta version of OceanMollu is officially launched. To celebrate the new launch, OceanMollu had a gleam event with Treasureland on Jan 17.

12. Treasureland teamed up with NFT wiki, the People’s NFT consensus platform, and NFT Go, the best all-in-one NFT analytics platform, to run an NFT Owner Claim Campaign program to give out free NFTK NFT airdrops — Jan 17

13. Treasureland has partnered with Tap fantasy, an MMORPG blockchain game building the big P2E NFT game on BSC — Jan 18

14. Magic Beasties NFTs got listed on TreasureLand. Magic Beasties is a blockchain GameFi project about cute Beasties — Jan 21

15. NFTs of the Metaverse project, Gunstar, became tradable on Treasureland. Gunstar is a turn-based artillery game that sets its players on a journey to save StarWorld — Jan 21.

16. Treasureland partnered with MetaGrail. MetaGrail is building a SocialFi Metaverse that incorporates NFTs, GameFi, DeFi, and DAO features. MetaGrail’s NFTs are now tradable on the Treasureland NFT marketplace as part of this partnership — Jan 22

17. Happy First Anniversary of Treasureland! As we celebrate our first anniversary, we also use the occasion to express our thanks for your enduring love and support. Thus, we have created a giveaway program to distribute $500 BUSD to 25 lucky persons. The giveaway runs from Jan 23 to Feb 5 — January 23

18. Cryptoid, the play-to-earn blockchain game with a breeding mechanism, held its blind box sales event on Treasureland on an FCFS basis. There were 300 CrypEggs, each hatching into a random Cryptoid with potentially extremely rare traits — Jan 25

19. Treasureland and ONTO wallet ran an NFT lottery collaboration, with the total prize pool fixed at $2,000 ONG tokens. Participants only need to buy one of ONTO or Treasureland limited NFTs to stand a chance. A DID-based gateway for a seamless Web3 experience, allowing you to manage your digital #identity, data & assets all in one place — Jan 25

20. 25,799 NFTs from the Pupazzi Punk Metaverse became available on Treasureland. Two Super Legendary Nuts are hidden inside the collections, and the owners of these Nuts will receive 1500$ in BNB and a super legendary character to enter the game! — Jan 26

21. Emit Protocol, the multi-metaverse reflecting reality, had its NFT smart contract address indexed on the Treasureland platform. Users can now buy and sell EMIT Counter NFTs — Jan 28.

22. Treasureland listed BabyPigToken NFTs. PigPiggyPunks is a collection of BabyPig derivative NFTs limited to 6666 Piggy. Each #NFT represents a Piggy living in the PiggyPunks universe — Jan 28

23. Treasureland listed CryptozNFT NFT collections. Zoombies NFT World is a collection of service centers designed around the Zombies NFT Trading cards and the ZOOM play2earn token — Jan 29

24. To commemorate the celebration of the Chinese Lunar year, Treasureland links up with Mask Network and 18 other powerhouses to host an NFT Lucky Drop giveaway. Welcome to the year of the Tiger! — Jan 30

25. Inverse Apes NFTs got listed on TreasureLand. Inverse Ape Clubs are 6500 unique NFT’s built on the Polygon ecosystem that doubles as a membership club for the owners and an upcoming Metaverse DAO.— Jan 31

26. Treasureland listed the EzekClub NFT collection. — Jan 31

27. TokenPocket 2022 sets of NFTs inspired by the Lunar New Year are supported on Treasureland. — Jan 31

About Treasureland

Treasureland is a cross-chain NFT platform for NFT issuance, NFT trading, NFT collections, and tailored in-shop services. It provides a one-stop solution to business-end users from 0 to 1 and a multiple chain aggregation experience to C-end users.

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A multi-chain NFT issuance and trading platform for users to mint, trade or auction NFTs within one click.

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Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT issuance and trading platform, empowering users to mint NFTs within one click and conveniently buy, sell or auction NFTs.

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