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Some of the top CRM trends to look out for

CRM or Customer relationship management is one of the most well-known software solutions used by businesses to enhance relationships with their customers and to be able to retain them for longer.

However, the true potential of this software exceeds just enhancing customer relationships, and it consists of several advanced features that can significantly help in scaling up marketing and selling.

Here are some top CRM trends that you may need to look out for:

AI becoming a crucial part of CRM

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the vast and most robust technological advancements in the past few years because of its capabilities. With this technology, users can utilize available data to personalize customer interaction at each step.

Moreover, AI chatbots can help resolve any customer query as fast as possible. Apart from this, CRM powered by AI will be able to deliver quick and better solutions with the least possible errors.

Mobile CRM is trending

There has been a significant increase in traffic from mobile phones in the last few years. So, it has become essential for CRM companies to have a mobile application for CRM as well.

Mobile CRM is a very convenient application, that allows the sales team to leverage this platform even when they are out there in the field. They will be access to all the information in CRM just within a few clicks.

Automation is on the rise

Automation is another convenient feature just like AI. It allows you to automate all your redundant and repetitive tasks to prevent relying on human interference.

In addition to this, using automation will allow you to better utilize your workforce and direct them on other crucial tasks at hand.

Combining AI, automation, and big data

CRM consists of technological features such as artificial intelligence, automation, and big data analytics. Merging all of the technologies and using them appropriately can dramatically improve results.

Users will not only be able to make better decisions but also get a better understanding of their customers, get smart suggestions and automate all these repetitive tasks to make the entire process smoother.

CRM powered by social media

This is a type of CRM that is integrated with social media and your social media handles can be managed from CRM itself. It is essential to use social media as there is a large number of relevant audiences available on this platform.

Furthermore, with this CRM you can not only manage your CRM but also gather information regarding relevant customers and interaction with them.

So, now you are well aware of all top CRM trends and can leverage them effectively. If you are looking to adopt CRM and don’t know which one to choose. It is best recommended that you implement Salesforce CRM, one of the best and most demanded CRM in the market.

It can easily be adapted by every business with assistance from salesforce consultants, such as Cymetrix Software. We can help you implement Salesforce and customize it according to your needs. If you want more information regarding our consulting services, you can visit our website.




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