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Some Salesforce related facts businesses should know more about

Some Salesforce related facts businesses should know more about

There’s no doubt that Salesforce is one of the most widely recognized software solution providers, they have over 1,50,000 customers using their products and their customers have seen significant improvement with salesforce software.

You can also adapt their software products to reap all the benefits and achieve a higher return on your investments. If you are looking to invest in such products or salesforce, you should check out these Salesforce related facts before you make that decision:

Salesforce is not just a CRM

Even though Salesforce is well-known for its CRM solutions, it is not the only advanced product they have to offer for businesses. They have platforms such as marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Analytics Cloud, Einstein Analytics, Community Cloud, etc.

All of these are highly demanded software and unique in their way, many organizations are using these products for scaling up their operations.

Salesforce also serves small businesses

As mentioned above, salesforce serves around 1,50,000 satisfied customers, and among these organizations, several of them are small businesses. Many small business owners believe that salesforce is not suitable for their organization and choose not to invest in it.

Whereas, salesforce customers have reported otherwise. Moreover, salesforce even has a product called Salesforce Essential tailored specifically for small organizations and businesses.

Salesforce is a future-oriented brand

Salesforce releases three updates every year, one in spring, one in summer, and another one in winter. So, you won’t have to stress about not getting new updates/fixes or not being updated with technology.

Furthermore, salesforce is always coming up with advanced technical software such as Einstein analytics which is an AI platform. Therefore, it clearly shows that it is a future-oriented brand releasing products that are likely to grow more in the future.

Favorable products for growth of business

Their products are integrated with tools and features, such as automation, data analytic capabilities, artificial intelligence which can prove to be very beneficial for the overall development of business when used effectively.

Moreover, their products can be customized and integrated according to the preferences and requirements of your organization. This adds on another advantage for users making it more convenient and efficient.

Custom app integration

Salesforce has a platform called app exchange which consists of various custom third-party applications that add functionality to your Salesforce platform.

They were the only software provider to offer such a service, and it was a massive success for them.

Therefore, salesforce products have become quite successful for several companies, and you should also utilize their products to stay ahead in the market.

However, it can be challenging to move ahead without any professional guidance, and for such purposes, you should seek the help of a certified salesforce consulting company, such as Cymetrix Software.

We are industry experts with vast experience on our hands and have helped several businesses utilize the power of salesforce software for their organizational growth. If you want more details regarding salesforce services, you can visit our website Cymetrix Software.




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