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Tableau Vs Power BI: Which one to choose?

Power BI VS Tableau

Data analytics is a process used to extract information or insights from raw data. This information is essential for businesses to make several important decisions, prepare strategies, understand the market and customers.

However, to use data analytics effectively you are required to use software, such as Power Bi and Tableau, and today we’ll be comparing these two most popular data visualization software.

Power BI is a visualization tool owned by Microsoft, this tool helps users in converting raw data from various sources into engaging dashboards and reports.

Whereas on the other hand, we have Tableau also a data visualization tool that specializes in refining the data to turn it into interactive and easy-to-understand visuals and reports.

Here are a few comparisons between this platform that your need to know more about:

Data Visualizations

Power BI and tableau are both powerful and helpful for making visuals and reports.

Though tableau is easier to use with its drag-drop feature and is well-known for detailed and distinctive reports and dashboards. However, Power BI is popular for being easy to use the platform and also known for ease of reporting and sharing.

Complexity of platforms

Tableau is a technical platform and somewhat complex when compared to Power BI. It is generally used by experts’ data analysts who are experienced with data analytics.

Whereas, power BI on the other hand is considered to be simpler to use and is easy to learn even for those who are not data analysts. Furthermore, it can also be easily integrated with other Microsoft tools making it easier to compare with excel sheets.

Pricing of software

Power BI is currently priced at 9.99$ for their premium plan, and tableau is priced at 70$ for the same plan.

Not to mention that Power BI also have a non-paid version that can be used by a single person.

Data Volume

Tableau is capable of managing a massive volume of data, and the more data it receives better the result it tends to give.

Whereas Power BI is not that capable of handling a high volume of complex data and seems to work better without a massive amount of data.

Customer Support and community forums

Tableau users receive high-end customer support, whereas, Power BI free version gets minimal support compared to the pro version.

Moreover, when it comes to community forums there are over 2,00,000 active tableau users within the data analytics community. However, Power BI’s community forums seem to be somewhat limited, if compared with tableau.

Training and learning

As Tableau is generally used by data analytics experts it can be challenging to learn when compared to Power BI which can even be used by non-technical people with ease for both reporting and visualization.

If you want to effectively utilize data, you should consider taking help from data analytics consultants, such as Cymetrix Software.

With our vast experience and skill, you will be able to leverage data analytics for the maximum growth of your business. If you want more details regarding our services, you can visit us at Cymetrix Soft.




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