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What are the differences between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

What are the differences between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?

Salesforce is one of the most widely recognized software solution providers in the market. They have offered some most advanced software for businesses and have proven to be helpful for their customers.
Salesforce’s two most selling products are Sales Cloud and Service cloud, both constituting the majority of their sales. These platforms comprise advanced technology and feature capable of bringing favorable outcomes for organizations when used appropriately.

These are some features of Salesforce sales cloud:

CRM in mobile phones

The most convenient feature for the sales team, allowing them to manage CRM easily from their mobile phones and get access to all the information with just a few clicks and the internet.

Manage your leads

Salesforce sales cloud is a customer-oriented platform, it will help you maximize your conversions. Therefore, you can easily manage your leads and keep track of them with this software to increase the chances of conversions.

Customer and Account management

This feature helps you will be able to get a complete view of your customers including their history, past transactions with the company, behavior, and you can also gain insights from popular social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Process Automation

This software allows users to easily automate any business process with drag and drop features ease, doing so enable them to direct their workforce on more crucial tasks at hand that require their complete attention.

Here are some features of Service Cloud:

Chat support for customers

Service Cloud is integrated with tools that can help users to provide chat support to their customers for resolving their queries as quickly as possible and ensure maximum satisfaction.

Multi-channel support

There are various modes and channels available for communication, this platform is completely prepared to help users in providing customer support through channels preferred by customers for resolving the issue faster.

Omni-Case routing

The best feature of this platform is that it is powered with technology that allows organizations to automate the case assigning process, it will be allotted to the best agent available to assure customers that their query is resolved quickly and no issue remains unsolved.

Customer Reports and dashboards

With this software you can stay updated with all the information in real-time and get a 360-degree view of your customers, allowing you to track their queries and ensuring they remain satisfied.

This is how Sales Cloud is different from Service Cloud:

These are software developed by the same company, and both of them are customer-centric platforms, however, the purpose is using this software is different.

Sales Cloud aims to help an organization in enhancing customer relationships, increasing the conversion rate of lead, assisting the sales team to stay updated in real-time. These features aim to help the user in enhancing sales, conversion, the retention rate of the business.

However, Service Cloud, on the other hand, is a platform that works to provide a good customer experience and assure maximum satisfaction to them, it aims to retain these customers while enhancing brand image as a result.

So, these were some differences between the two of the most popular software by Salesforce. If you want to utilize the true potential of salesforce software, you should consider taking assistance from Cymetrix Software.

We are a certified Salesforce consulting company, who has helped several organizations like yours in leveraging salesforce to achieve their business goals. If you want to get more information regarding our services, reach out to us on our website Cymetrix Soft.




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