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Why do you need to migrate your e-commerce business to the salesforce commerce cloud?

Why do you need to migrate your e-commerce business to the salesforce commerce cloud?

There has been a remarkable surge in the amount of traffic ever since the internet and mobile phones became easily available. It increases the importance of having an e-commerce website for businesses.

So, these days every business is supposed to have an e-commerce store to operate their business online. In addition to this, you need to properly set up a website and make sure everything goes smoothly to be successful.

This is where Salesforce Commerce cloud steps in, this software aims to help businesses in setting up an e-commerce store and help them enhance the shopping experience for their customers.

Commerce Cloud is integrated with all the features and tools you would need to optimize and operate an e-commerce business. Furthermore, these are a few reasons why you should migrate your online business to Salesforce Commerce cloud:

Enhance Marketing activities

Any business needs to enhance its brand awareness through appropriate marketing strategies, and the same goes for r-commerce as well. Commerce cloud consists of all tools and features required for running necessary marketing campaigns.

Further, it can significantly help you pitch customers and offer them relevant products. You can also use practices such as A/B testing to get a better understanding of what works best for you.

Operate multiple stores

There are several scenarios in which an organization own multiple commerce store, and it becomes challenging to manage them. However, with this software, you can easily manage multiple stores from a single interface.

Moreover, it also enables users to operate stores in different countries even in various languages. So, it is the perfect choice for businesses with different e-commerce stores.

Leverage data analytics

As salesforce is a platform powered by data analytics, users will be able to use data analytics practices to get detailed insights regarding customers. This helps the user to know more about their customers such as their needs, preference, and interests.

It helps them in coming up with better offers and deals to improve shoppers’ satisfaction. Moreover, they can also use this information to come up with a personalized marketing strategy to increase conversions.

Utilize Predictive intelligence

Commerce Cloud is integrated with one of the most robust platforms of salesforce, which is Einstein Analytics. This platform allows organizations to predict the future and get smart suggestions.

So, they can use the capability of this AI tool to provide better suggestions to customers and uplift their shopping experience.

Optimize mobile responsiveness

These days more than 70% of traffic on the internet is from mobile phones. It has become essential for businesses to have mobile-optimized e-commerce websites.

Commerce cloud comprises all tools you would need to do that. It has templates for mobile-friendly e-commerce stores and also focuses on other factors that affect the mobile experience of shoppers.

So, these are a few reasons why you should migrate your e-commerce business to the salesforce commerce cloud. If you want to draw out true potential, you should consider taking help from certified salesforce consultants, such as Cymetrix Software.

We have vast experience in the Salesforce industry, and our team consists of proficient experts who can help you achieve desired results according to your needs. For more information regarding our commerce cloud consultation, you reach us at Cymetrix Soft.




A trusted Salesforce Consulting Partner in India and USA and global experts at data analytics.

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