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20+ Best Mind Mapping Tools For Designers

Mind Mapping presents the most dependable means of giving one’s conceptions a pictorial depiction. One has to essentially begin with a great idea, from which they can gradually develop more modest designs and conceptualizations in order to generate an expansive arrangement. This will assist in obtaining a healthy perception of one’s ideas and moreover, stimulates the additional augmentation of these ideas.

This article sheds light on some of the most popular mind mapping tools that one can utilize either on their laptops/desktops as well as smartphones. Such tools additionally also feature collaboration tools that can be used for the purposes of team idea-conception meetings. As such, the tools can help both individuals as well as agencies/companies to give structure to their thoughts.

The tools highlighted in this article assist designers in pre-planning their schemes with specific architectural designs. This helps them in fully realizing how they would like to advance with the design. Gaining mastery over an easy-to-use, robust mind-mapping tool that offers tons of features is vital for designers. Listed below are the 20 best mind mapping tools available in the market, today!

Gliffy is one of the best mind mapping tools sought-after by designers, these days, to effectively design pictorial illustrations of their intentions. Despite the fact that Gliffy can be utilized for mind mapping, the possibilities and framework are fitted for assisting users to build communicative flowcharts. Users can likewise use this tool in union with Confluence and Jira to moreover advance documentation activities, team efforts, and efficiency.

MindMup mind mapping tool that draws collectively numerous functionalities that assist users in swiftly and effortlessly producing extraordinary pictorial illustrations of their designs. The app features a robust framework and hotkey assistance, that make it possible for users to have productive conceptualizing periods. There is additionally an inherent project administration functionality that assists users in supplementing computations and graph connections. This will, in turn, help them determine the expense, turn-around time, and other determinants. Robust joint-effort and interfacing facilities are additionally available to users.

Offering users functionalities built for data envisioning, and illustrated workspaces, Lucid chart is more than just any ordinary mind-mapping tool. The tool, however, like most of its counterparts also has facilities for collaborative efforts by teams.

Whimsical is an uncomplicated illustrated workspace that packs in several functionalities. This comprises facilities for note creation, designing flowcharts, and wireframes. To utilize all these functionalities effectively, users are offered access to individual frameworks. The user interface for mind-mapping follows a generic layout, similar to that of most other mind-mapping tools.

Scapple offers users a practical scribble pad to take down their concepts. Users can subsequently link these concepts utilizing the drag and drop feature, or make use of them as individual concepts. There is likewise the possibility to formulate framework patterns that lay emphasis on a collection of records. For added pictorial variety, users can even personalize the presentation of these records as they wish. is one of the most reliable and best mind-mapping tools available for free-of-charge. It binds in several quintessential functionalities that assist users in inducing some composition to their ideas. As a web-based application, this tool can be used from any location provided the user has a reliable internet connection. It provides users numerous team-effort and informative functionalities, an exhibition feature, and a vivid and appealing framework. There is likewise a feature that enables users to save every mind map they create as an image file.

Group Map is the ideal mind mapping tool to utilize at team gatherings and seminars. It offers support by entertaining original conceptualizations and then exposing the team viewpoint subsequently. This tool accommodates numerous joint-effort possibilities including a voting framework, options for liking/disliking mind maps, and evaluating them. It also offers an effortless means of distributing as well as importing/exporting mind maps.

As another one of the best mind mapping tools that are free-of-cost, WiseMapping is aimed at serving both companies and individual users. As a web-based mechanism, this tool offers users access to a host of functionalities. Some of these include uncomplicated formatting possibilities, team-effort features, and capabilities for exporting/importing mind maps.

The MindMeister mind map tool is popular and filled with peculiarities that assist in the production of a visible portrait for all of one’s concepts. Presently, this tool is utilized by more than ten million users, for the creation of more than one billion novel designs.

The XMind tool concentrates on presenting a distinct and orderly user interface to assist users in analyzing and conceiving innovative approaches. Through the use of this tool, users will be able to utilize a number of modules that assist in the production of a pictorially significant arrangement that resembles a flowchart. Facilities for joint-effort undertakings are likewise incorporated that enable the distribution of one’s intentions and receive suggestions.

Goggle is a mind map tool that facilitates collaborative efforts by team members. It can assist users in the formulation of flowcharts in order to design and imagine their conceptualizations. Goggle is a web-based mind-mapping tool that provides assistance for real-time joint-effort tasks, countless picture uploads. It also offers the possibility of formulating loops and categories for users’ ideas, and plenty more.

Mindomo is unique in that it presents a cross-platform specifically for joint-effort team tasks. Although the interface is not attractive, it is stuffed with numerous functionalities that enable users to design idea sketches, plans, as well as Gantt charts.

iMindMap presently is available as ‘Ayoa’. The tool offers an interesting and functionality-filled mind mapping mechanism for a host of conceptualizing requirements. The framework is extremely instinctive and enables users to list their concepts easily and form associations seamlessly. There are additionally many inherent functionalities for editing, coloring, and designing. There are also features to attach illustrations, data, records, emojis, etc. It is also possible to connect distinctive mind maps for comprehensive-scale designs.

Spider Scribe provides users with capabilities for building and linking records, lists, and schedule incidents. Users can later distribute their mind maps with their co-workers or associates to collaborate on their designs collectively. Furthermore, Spider Scribe as a web-based application, enables users to gain access to all their mind maps from any other application that they prefer.

Miro Mind Map presents a swift and straightforward alternative to seize and regulate one’s flow of ideas. This helps in more reliable conceptualizing and design creation. Devised as a mechanism for companies and businesses, this tool accommodates functionalities such as a joint-effort framework with effortless interaction. Apart from this, a resolute exhibition system, and numerous layout templates, amongst many other features are also made available.

iMindQ offers users phenomenal assistance with concept mapping, imaginative thought-conception, and sketching. It furthermore features extraordinary exhibitions and team joint-effort perspectives to support users in creating approaches with Gantt graphs, WBS outlines, and more.

Simpleminded is also an exemplarily popular and feature-filled mind mapping tool. More than eight million people utilize the application on Windows and Mac desktops as well as smartphones (Android & iOS). It can assist users in designing versatile mind maps, thus helping them smoothly organize their designs, and conceptualize unrestrictedly. Users can likewise obtain assistance for diverse file varieties such as videos, illustrations, and sound notes.

Popplet is a mind map tool only available to iPad users. Nevertheless, users can likewise utilize it if they have an internet connection. In terms of features, it is packed with features to assist users in designing simplistic mind maps with annotations and illustrations. There is additionally a feature to classify distinct records by color, for more reliable comprehension and legibility.

Mind42 is also a free-of-cost mind mapping tool that is exclusively web-based for more straightforward access. It enables users in building to-do listings, design incidents, and conceptualize approaches, all with its pragmatic recordkeeping-like framework. Users will likewise obtain the opportunity to distribute their mind maps with their colleagues to request suggestions as well as for collaborative intents.

The Brain mind map tool was constructed as an intuitive record-keeping app that users can additionally utilize as a non-linear portfolio administration mechanism for envisioning their concepts and ideas. This tool is ideal for producing extensive mind maps. It also features built-in exploration features that enable users to obtain any digital data by performing a prompt search.

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Originally published at on March 16, 2020.



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