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5 Web Design Trends That Have Real Staying Power — Open Designs India

Although most trends are not long-lasting, they are worth paying attention to. If you desire to engage your target audience effectively, it is imperative that you stay abreast of these trends. Before you seek the web design services of a web design company in Chennai, you should acquaint yourself with prominent web design trends. Listed below are all the trends that are set to take the internet by storm in 2020.

Oversized Features That Are Effectual In Capturing & Retaining User Attention

  • In order to express explicitly and promptly, websites are preferring large, striking details. This significance in form applies to everything on a webpage, from bold, large typography, and fullscreen illustrations, videos to big oversized menu icons. Expanded details such as these are noticeable and assist users in understanding the website’s USP instantly. Additionally, they also add to the beauty of the website.
  • To nail this sort of design, decrease the number of components present on every web page. Too many imposing elements at one place can prove to be not just excessive, but unsavory to look at. In accordance with this trend, websites are increasingly beginning to go for fullscreen illustrations and videos, coupled with huge typography. This design assists in presenting information concisely and effectively. This guaranteed that the most significant takeaways efficiently convincingly register and appeal to users of the site.

Dynamic/Non-Static Elements & Interactive User Interfaces

  • Web design trends in 2019 were marked by the glamour of micro-interactions. Websites possessed a certain vitality in the user interface comprised of active components of all types — tiny, large, sluggish and speedy. While many of them evolve the fundamental aspects of the interface, most are compatible with conventional UI components. This extraordinary trend isn’t predicted to go out of fashion any time soon. The prevailing inclination demonstrates that web designers, and their target audiences, are enthusiastic to evolve from stationary to more dynamic interfaces.
  • Micro-interactions, along with transitional, active elements, varying animations, as well as non-static backdrops to the trick. Moreover, users are looking to have interactive experiences with websites and not just remain observers. Websites that let the user be an active participant witness considerable success.
  • On approaching a web design company in Chennai, make sure to inquire after their expertise in designing dynamic interfaces. You do not want to miss out on one of the hottest web design trends of 2020.

Pragmatic Communication Multiple Messages On A Single Page With Solid Color Segments

  • This design philosophy is a spin-off of the split-screen design, which is still quite prevalent and trendy. As part of this design, web layouts were divided into rectangles and squares of various sizes. The solid color block trend involves making each one of these divided sections stand out, through the use of solid colors. This design assists in more efficiently communicating numerous messages on a single page, in a cohesive and uncluttered fashion
  • With an image or two, and little textual content in every segment, it’s simple for users to grasp such concise bits of information. Additionally, to create a design that is even more engaging, shade each segment in different hues of your website’s color scheme. This helps in ensuring an aesthetically pleasing degree of synchronicity.
  • While this design is all about presenting a compilation of details in the most visually impressive manner, the outcome shouldn’t hinge on slipshod collages. The color segments have to unite synchronically to produce a uniform synthesis. This results in the website’s design being more organic and smooth to follow. It is vital to ensure that every color segment is precisely arranged and that every individual visual element harmonizes with the other.

Incorporating Adequate Whitespace To Accentuate Vital Components & Features

  • Whitespace in web design refers to the empty expanses between individual design components. This design philosophy provides web pages with a capacious, well-adjusted quality. This is accomplished through the application of spacing separating rows or strings of text, as well as around specific visuals and margins. While whitespace is ordinarily white, other colors that suit the overall color scheme of a website can also be utilized.
  • Considering the fact that whitespace is all about leaving sections blank, it can be construed as an improvident misappropriation of space. In actuality, whitespace helps in providing users much-needed relief from being overwhelmed by detail. Its use can assist in enhancing readability, and offer an overall pleasant design layout. Whitespace also helps in placing emphasis on important details such as call-to-actions.
  • Although this design philosophy has perpetually been an essential design approach, it is anticipated to become more extensive and prominent in 2020. The aim is to ensure melodic layouts with neat, skillfully-designed typography, and illustrations that seem to be hovering smoothly in space. Although such designs are clear, they are far from being minimalistic. This is because all the other components such as the visuals, text, and call-to-actions are meant to be big, bright, and vibrant.

Focus On Millennial-Centric Design Approaches With The Intent Of Purveying To The Young

  • Website designs that especially appeal to millennials are a burgeoning design trend. This trend is becoming more and more obvious as the days go by and is set to take 2020 by storm. Such designs are gaining wind, and show no signs of slowing down. The reasons for this are manifold. This is primarily because millennials are slowing maturing into financially secure individuals capable of making their purchases independently. Furthermore, companies are focusing their resources on youngsters, devising products meant to cater to every one of their distinct necessities.
  • Lastly, millennials are the most engaged group on the internet today. Right from chatting and tweeting to sharing and purchasing, they are the predominant segment. Consequently, websites designed with suitably appealing modern aesthetics are bound to penetrate this populace more efficiently.
  • Exploring and testing out different user interface layout involving everything from mouse cursors to interactive features is paramount. Don’t be afraid to hinge your designs on ideas that are borderline childish or seemingly silly. You never know when a supposedly superficial feature will be a hit amongst your target audience.

Now that you are aware of all these trends, it is crucial that you don’t neglect them. Before you settle a firm that you think is the best web design company for your business, make inquiries. Find out if the web design company in Chennai that you are pursuing displays any experience or expertise in the above web design trends.

Originally published at on February 20, 2020.



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