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Can website designers get more creative during covid19 crisis — Open Designs India

With the entire planet coming to a standstill as a result of the pandemic, most professionals including web designers are sitting at home with nothing to do. As a result wiling away the time involves bringing on Netflix, long hours on social media, or catching up with acquaintances, friends, and family via Skype and Zoom. This time in seclusion is a great opportunity for web designers who have normally been burned from the stress of undertaking daily repetitive tasks for work, to venture out and try new things. Trying out a design strategy that you never had the time to actually try out and work on is a good way to start.

A Good Starting Point

Browsing through the web and singling out intuitive web designs that you find impressing, and then spending some time going through each of these websites in detail, thinking about the aspects that make them unique and appealing is another chore to undertake during this time. By the end of this task, you should have a comprehensive list of data that should give you a fair idea of where intuitive web designing is heading and how you would like to proceed with your own original ideas and design philosophy.

A Good Time For Web Designers To Reinvent Themselves

The key to staying relevant and in demand, for web designers, is by constantly offering new ideas and design philosophies. A web designer with nothing new to offer is not sought after in the job market. What employers look for is someone who has constantly proven to be a wildcard, in terms of being able to reinvent themselves and constantly having more to offer each time a new challenge or project pops up.

To do this, a web designer has to challenge themselves incessantly and go out of their comfort zones. Pushing the boundaries of what they think they are capable of is the best way for a web designer to try and reinvent himself/herself. Perhaps the biggest feat in this pursuit of reinventing oneself will be to conquer fear. The fear of not succeeding is the biggest hindrance when it comes to successfully achieving this. Web designers are often afraid they will end up wasting a whole of time working on something that turned out to be worthless or not in good taste. This is however far from the fact of the matter, which is that the lessons that one learns from undertaking a venture are absolutely invaluable. Even if you don’t find out a new design strategy or philosophy that you absolutely think is worth pursuing, you will find out something that for sure doesn’t work and isn’t worth your time.

Putting The Increase In Demand For Web Designers Into Context

The COVID-19 situation has proved that those businesses that have an online presence tend to stand a better chance of surviving and sustaining operations, than those that don’t, in a time of crisis, such as what we’re currently in right now. The impetus therefore for most businesses who lack such a presence, has been to start working on establishing such as presence as soon as they can in order to get back to business.

With so many businesses, therefore, looking to go online, the demand for web designers has gone through the roof. Those web designers however who exhibit the most potential in terms of creativity and ingenuity in design are the most likely to gain from this situation and secure the best offers. To do this, web designers will have to prove their creativity and their ability to think out of the box. This can be easily done by venturing out and trying new things.

Taking on a sample project and building a website for a business that doesn’t exist, by carefully considering the sort of customers the business is likely to attract, the sort of brand image that is more likely to attract customers, and the sort of features that visitors to the website will find most appealing and be inclined to make a purchase should help in coming up a unique design philosophy. Completing this project and incorporating it into your work portfolio will not only prove your ingenuity in design but will also exhibit to potential employers, that you are someone who is constantly working on bettering yourself and being the best at what you do.

Exhibiting creativity is the name of the game when it comes to being a successful web designer. If you are a web designer who has been in a rut as far as your creativity in design is concerned, then the situation that has arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, where almost everyone on the planet is at home, is the perfect time to explore your creativity and let it flow!

Originally published at on April 24, 2020.



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