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Creating the best lead-generation website, step by step.. — Open Designs India

This is a slow and steady walking strategy for the lead-gen website. For attaining the lead-gen, your website should have basically read the mind of your target customers. Well, let’s have a look into how well you can hold a website.

There are two basic modes of websites in the internet.
1. The Launch: This eats up a lot of time but the efforts matters and decides on how fruitful the life of your website is going to be. This casually scraps off few months from the calendar. This phase should not just be a matter of hardworking, but a matter of smartness in grabbing the attention of customers.
2. The Maintenance: Once your business has got its roots firmed, the true challenge starts. The load of your website would gradually find a uplift which has to be handled carefully and that’s when you website has moved on to the scaling phase.

This is where you should be aware of where your website falls under. If you’re still hunting for your customers, then direct your vision towards your brand promises. If you are done with the launch, then focus on enhancing the benefits of choosing your brand. When you have crossed the launch, then go ahead on further brand promotions and product enhancements.

Ok. looking deeper into the box, let’s see the statistical steps you have to keep note of. Your messages, are the steps you create for a return path of your customers. The way your story goes about your product and the organization is the deciding factor for the readers’ return. Make sure its promising and not just pleasing. These are the little levers for a successful business.

Let us see the Do’s for a healthy business. For a high-targeted lead generation website, these are the points to be ticked.

What the users want ?
This could be put as understanding your customers well enough to know if your business suits them. This research has to be a clean and deep one which should be given prime importance. Create the messages according to your user needs and you will know this only through an absolute research.

The artifacts of research….

How to make the customers turn to your site?
What contents should be created to grab their attention?
What style of message will hit the targets?
What kind of UI to use for them to stay unlinked?

These are the tactics that has to be juggled with creativeness to make sure your product is bought and not just viewed. For this, the language that you use plays an important part. Also, pictures matter a lot over here. Another way of understanding the actual requirement put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Imagine yourself at their position and go through your content. This self evaluation would pop up some ideas that you could use to boost the content.

THE CUSTOMER POOL — You have got basically 3 types of swimmers in this pool

Its trivial that websites are just seen, gazed at and that marks the end. There are people who to just entertain themselves look into websites and yours is one among their visited pages. It’s quite a sort of impossibility to make these set of people to purchase your product. May be if your contents are too inspiring, then there are slight chances for them to return back with the idea of purchase….still uncertain. But these glances will contribute to the gossip about your products. Could get the spark of business! So, this portion of how well your contents are established and how well the links are set for the traverse through pages are primal to the kickstart of your business. If your skill of grabbing attentions are extremely excellent, then you could even make the visitors think of the benefits of getting your products.


This is for the visitors who strive to learn whatever they see. Remember the point…you should never miss even a single pair of sight that falls on your website. Attractive contents with thoughtful contents will best suit these customers. The product may be irrelevant to the actual customer but could be gifted to someone else. So, get into the mode of making them buy for someone else. Make them think of getting it to someone else where you could actually stuff in some videos of gifting.


Well this set is the one who accounts for your accounts. Each penny that your business gains is the action done by these people who become your actual customers. It’s now important that you have a team to make them engaged with your products. Once they have become your audience, try entertaining them instead of wasting your marketing strategies over them. For this, you can use videos that are short and crisp with descriptions subtitled and funky.


Well, that you are done with the initial phases, moving on to the stabilizing phase, it’s foremost to make sure you have the next setups ready. Your customers can’t get the whole point of your products or you can’t be too assured about no later queries on products. So, here comes the need for customer’s interaction with your organization to know the flaws of your product or the boons of your product and thereby you could enhance at areas required. Once you get to know what the potential evangelists talk about your brand you can jolly well create contents that are more precise. Get connected via social to know more about their ratings of your product.

How credible you are???

The leads should return and for this have the comments and remarks scattered around your website of course not clumsily. But these reviews emotionally connect the audience to your page.

Funnel your leads:

Identifying the leads is a crucial process. Know more data about the users by asking them through forms. The usual basic information about the users are going to be of functional efficiency. But for the background enhancement of your business, the way they reached you is very important. Like you could raise questions a little deeper on the path they followed to reach you. This incorporates the leads to the right path. Your product may have been designed for customers of particular age range but could be used better than some other age range. So questioning on that too will let you know how to suffice better. What kind of customer is seeking your product will also be of use in your business development. So you could provide text boxes which could be filled by the users. For eg, if you sell ceramic powders, you could give a text like, “I am a …” which would let them tell you if they are ceramic home need makers or school student for art and craft or craft based organizations.

Make sure you do not flood your page with questions as it may be annoying. It could also lead to dropping off from your site.

The last reminder:

If Sale is important, then creating new paths is even more important. The path is something that goes deeper than sale. If the foundation of the path is strong, it ensures a everlasting upscale in sale. The main strategy to be followed is not to make them buy, but to make them experience. The way you make people experience your product is the ultimate start for a good business. This enhances the leads’ flow to the funnel.

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Originally published at on August 27, 2018.



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