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Importance of Google Listing to your Business — Open Designs India

Where do people go when they want to search for something online? Google! And that’s exactly where you want your business to be. Best SEO services will explore everything that Google has to offer. Google My Business is the most happening online directory that will boost your company’s online visibility. Read on for why GMB is the most powerful online tool for this.

Cost-Effective directory:

Most online directories come with an annual or monthly fee, however, Google My Business is Free! The most used Search Engine in the world has a free space to pin your business and that’s a steal. You can give out every detail from business hours to contact info that will help people access you with ease.

Enhanced Visibility:

Most shoppers tend to look up a store online before heading out. Google receives about 63000 searches per second, with a two-fold increase in Near Me Searches over 2019 to date. Google also pulls up businesses already listed with them, to the top, when an end-user runs a search. Even with strong SEO implementation, you still need to be a Google listed business to beat the competition.

Evolving Communication:

You need to keep your consumers updated about the progress or changes if any. You cannot reach out to every single person personally. In case a new user looks up old contact information or other details about you and finds them incorrect, it could damage your reputation. Google My Business has easy edit options with an instant reflection on the information.

Keeping with the trends:

Having a Google listing shows that you are where your customers are. It creates a great first impression especially if there are a lot of good reviews and photos to support your brand. The best SEO services advise on high-quality images of the following scope.

  • Complete storefront and interiors
  • Employees and Management
  • Events in the company as well as in the store
  • Satisfied customers, including celebrities

You could also encourage customers to post pictures of your business on their Google Guides page, which would be linked to your Google My Business page.

SEO Optimized information:

Google My Business has an extensive data collection system. SEO rankings are improved with the volume of specific information that you give on your business. It also makes it easy to find you online.

Customer Recommendations:

All Google users can leave reviews and photos on businesses. Keep monitoring the review section and reply promptly and politely. Treat negative feedback as constructive criticism. Good reviews work to direct organic footfalls to your business. Best SEO services include Reviews Management as part of their package.

Data-Driven Customer Insights:

Google My Business provides valuable information on how and what kind of customer interactions happens on your listing. It also uses Heat Map insights to locate your target audience. Businesses use this information to create customer-oriented marketing approaches.

Free Website Creation services:

Google My Business comes with free website creation. The only cost involved is in purchasing the domain. Rest is left to the autofill feature that draws information from your listing and Google analytics accounts.

Google Posts:

These promotional and informational posts keep you connected to potential consumers. Create Call to Action posts that will inspire your consumers to actually make the trip to the store. Keep updating frequently as they stay live only for 7 days.

Chat feature:

The Chat feature can be turned on from the Google Dashboard. This enables direct communication with customers through texts and Allow app.

Google is a reliable platform to promote your business without worries about the stability of the support. SEO services in Chennai are just taking root in exploiting Google My Business’s potential. But Open Designs is the best SEO services company when it comes to this. We cover the complete package from setting up the GMB listing to SEO Content strategies for a thriving Google profile. Don’t be too late in jumping at the cornucopia of opportunities that it provides for Online Branding

Originally published at on July 18, 2020.



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