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We are undeniably in the Digital Age, and businesses need to constantly evolve along with their customers. The COVID19 pandemic lockdown proved to be an eye-opener for retail businesses, both big and small, about the importance of having an online presence. With stores being forced to shut or have restricted entry, these businesses faced huge losses, while those with an online shopping site i.e an E-Commerce site, fared better.

If you are a retail business looking for E-Commerce website design services, this article will be of immense help in convincing you to step into the online world. In case you are a firm that offers E-Commerce website design, then this article touches on the key points that you should focus on to make you, the best E-Commerce Development Company, especially in a country like India.

What is E-Commerce?

Many stores have their products and services outlined on their website. This does not make them an E-Commerce site. A proper E-Commerce site, involves an easily navigable array of products, with clearly defined specifications, along with a simple checkout process, that gets the product delivered right at the customer’s doorstep. The system should be capable of collecting user information and using it to promote further activity on the site. Some huge multi-national organizations are purely run through E-Commerce. The positive effect is slowly rubbing off on smaller retail businesses that are looking to cut a step above their competition.

Coordinate with your E-Commerce website design service provider to ensure that the platform has all the following accessibility that caters to and attracts the end-users.

No Borders or Constraints

E-Commerce is above all physical and metaphysical borders like location and time. Customers can access your products from anywhere around the world, at any time. This enables 24X7 revenue, unlike the physical store which is limited by working hours, number of branches, size and manpower. The reach is international, as literally, anyone with a basic smartphone and internet connection can access you. With a single headquarters and multiple delivery hubs, you can operate worldwide.

Lower operating costs

You can afford to expand without necessarily increasing manpower as reduced paperwork and manual work lowers your operating cost. You can run things from even the comfort of your home. You can save considerably on the real estate, cleverly diverting the revenue into further virtual expansion.

Ease of Access and Affordability

Instead of searching through shelves or calling on customer care executives, the product is a touch away, simply by inputting keywords. Reduced operating costs, enables you to provide attractive discounts and offers to retain your client base. The customer does not have to physically come down to the store, saving them time and money, leading them to choose E-Commerce over regular retail shopping.

Keeping your client informed

The site can be used to offer your customers, the right information to enable them to make informed choices. This kind of product information cannot be given in a physical store, leading to misinformation and consequent loss of clients. The E-Commerce site also analyses the customer’s preferences and from data of previous purchases, makes automated suggestions and custom offers, that appeal to the clients.

New Customer Base

The E-Commerce platform helps you reach a wider audience, even when you have niche products. A simple search for their requirement online will lead them to you, with a healthy dose of SEO, even if you are dealing in obscure products or operating from a never heard of location. The traffic diverted into your site, organically or inorganically, gives you valuable insight into what the customer wants. Using this information you can alter your product inventory to suit your profit-making goals.

E-Commerce will soon become the norm, and the only way, to keep businesses at least on the curve if not ahead of it. We offer some of the best E-Commerce Website Design services in India, and you can get in touch with us, by clicking on the <Envelope Symbol> on the top Right hand corner of the page. Post your requirements and we shall get in touch with you for a consultation.

Originally published at on June 22, 2020.



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