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In the professional social media world many believe that regular posts on relevant topics helps to create lasting impressions on employers and connections alike. True, but not entirely so! For ‘ merely ‘ posting tirelessly in order to be found amidst LinkedIn’s 780 million member worldwide network is tantamount to looking for the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack.



  • a. everyone else has already tried their hand at this at one point or another
  • b. somebody is (as we speak) in the process of trying it out for the first time
  • c. somebody has already gained much success with it and is now a thought leader, commanding a good number of followers as well as irrefutably and incessantly building his/ her brand image, post by post.

Now, for a second if you were to concentrate only on point c, you’ll come to realize that they possibly form a reasonably good number of people if not a thumping majority of the 150 million-member network. And yes, no prizes for guessing which option from a b c you’d want to choose for yourself.

But wait! There’s more to LinkedIn than meets the eye. Among the key social media sites existing today, LinkedIn has been shown to generate FOUR times as great the number of direct homepage hits than you’d normally see with other social sites.

Thus bringing us to only one logical conclusion — that of publishing a good number of posts and building brand equity one post at a time!

The law of updation

It’s not as jazzy as it sounds, in fact, it’s just really plain vanilla simple. The law of updation merely refers to the frequency of updating your status on LinkedIn- which should be as often as possible.

Of course, remember that nobody’s interested in trivial status updates and doing so might backfire. So, the trick is to update your network on worthy news and happenings, events or links that add value and keeping your research up to the minute so that you’re prepared to answer to q & a’s. Don’t deviate from your true brand personality as you go along and watch this simple law of updation work wonders for you.

What to post and what not to

Lets address the ‘what to post’ part as that will clearly define what you should do and it won’t be too difficult making decisions on what topics should come under this guideline. Do take some time out to answer these questions and you’ll have a working sketch of what topics you can post on-

What is your core business proposition? How does it make a difference to others lives?

Why should people network with you?

Aside from your business, what other areas of interest do you have?

Who is your customer, in this case, follower?

Once these fundamentals are clear, you’ll need to brush up on your prose as well — there’s nothing worse than a syntax laden article gone horribly wrong.

A small caveat that you should be aware at this point — Not everyone gets to post on LinkedIn, there are certain criteria in order for your post to see the light of day here. In case you’re not clear about this aspect, talk to a digital agency and go about it via someone who knows the tricks of the trade.

Plough on, make connections, join groups — think on your feet

The key word here is to remain on the go at all times, especially on certain times of the day and days of the week. Again, if you’re unsure about the above mentioned aspects, get on board a digital agency that understands these nuances.

For starters, do remember that LinkedIn’s premise is to make connections, so go right ahead and do so. Join groups that you feel connect to your brand and to you as a person — just don’t stray too far from what you’ve always said via your posts.

Be proactive and watch the world of opportunities unfold before your eyes.

Originally published at on March 26, 2017.



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