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SEO basics in 2020 — Open Designs India

The world has turned into an unfriendly place for commercial retailers, especially for those who were waiting to make a break in 2020. With alternate lockdowns and relaxations, people are confused and are apprehensive about spending on anything apart from the bare essentials. But the economy cannot survive in this state. Things have been a bit better for those who have made it through, onto social media platforms. To facilitate their online presence, a lot of retailers have actually turned to E-Commerce SEO services to help make their brand have a better impact on the market and on people’s minds.

E-Commerce SEO Services:

When we talk about SEO, we are not only referring to finding out relevant keywords and incorporating them into your posts and websites. There is so much that can be done if you are willing to give it time and effort. Finding keywords that will garner consumer interest on your page is just the first step to E-Commerce SEO services. It involves broad data analytics that comes up with why your domain is not performing as expected, while your competition is. It reveals the reach of your posts and identifies the demographic that drives traffic into your site.

Gap Analysis

E-Commerce SEO services are well known for offering two of the most crucial services that help you plan your branding and marketing. The Competitive Gap analysis and the Keyword Gap Analysis. The Competitive Gap analysis helps identify where you are lacking or making mistakes on SEO, by analysing the gap between the current website performance, and the performance you wish to achieve. The Competitive Gap Analysis can also be used to compare against a Competitor’s performance which can be set as a benchmark, whereupon it is termed as Competitor Gap Analysis. The Keyword Gap Analysis refers to the domains of competitors to find keywords that are actually bringing them traffic that has not come to your attention. The results of these two analytics give you an amazing advantage over others who may not be aware of, and, or those who have not understood the importance of these features.

The Cogs of SEO

The very basic focus of SEO is on the following 4.

Keywords Search Volumes Organic traffic, and Lead Conversions

These 4 are executed through and in, optimizing the copy of the webpage or posts. This can include incorporating the keywords that are most relevant, seamlessly into the content. The content should be in such a way that it attracts the correct demographic. When the correct demographic is targeted, there is an increase in organic footfalls on the site and enhanced lead conversion as well.

Taciturn Titles and Enchanting Entities

Keywords and catchphrases apart, your titles, and the very copy that goes on your site should be unique. E-Commerce SEO services can connect you with a fresh perspective on your niche. Of course, there are sites where you can input your keywords and come up with topic suggestions, but there is no comparison to using trained copywriters. The quality of the content matters the most. The content must be conveyed in an intriguing way to pique the customer’s curiosity and have them coming back for more.

Never make the mistake of using titles that completely hide the purpose of your post. Keep them simple, yet pose a question that people actually search for. E.g. The secret behind Melt in your mouth Chocolate. This would be a great content topic for a business that makes artisan chocolates. There’s the right kind of keywords, with just the right amount of intrigue, and you can use this to draw traffic into your site.

SEO is perhaps the most cost-effective and organic method of putting your business on the map. If you are firm, looking to employ SEO services in Chennai, Open Designs is a Digital Marketing firm that offers strategic SEO services. We are one of the best SEO Companies in Chennai, with multi-level and customized packages in Branding and Marketing. Click on the <Envelope Symbol>, on the top right corner of our page, for inquiries

Originally published at on June 26, 2020.



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