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Mehmet Yozgatlı

Jun 23, 2020

3 min read

Cloud Debug | Test your application on Huawei Devices

Hello everyone. In this article, I would like to explain about how to use Cloud Debug. Let’s talk about how we can access first.

1- You can find Console of Huawei Developer page.

2- Or you can find it in [Quality -> Cloud Debugging] in the left menu within the project in AppGallery Connect.

Now let’s talk about the features offered to us with Cloud Debug.

  • You can filter devices by Series, Android version, EMUI version, and Resolution.
  • Available devices will be listed according to our filtering.
  • And you can move the cursor to available device and click Start debugging. Then you will see a dialog box like this. Set Debug duration based on your needs.
  • After clicking the OK button, a page named Debugging will appear in this view.

I have marked important places on this page. To explain these:

  • At the top of the phone, there is an auxiliary button that we will get the model and detailed information about this model. There is also a button on the top to rotate the phone.
  • There are auxiliary buttons below the phone for us to use the device comfortably.
  • In the middle menu there is a button that opens the menu where we can see the logs and a section that allows us to upload our applications.
  • Finally, on the right is the time indicating device usage. There is also an auxiliary button to increase the usage time and stop debugging.


If you want to follow Logs while testing your application, you need to open the Logs tab. When you press the “Obtain Logs” button, you can see the logs.

You can use the “Pause” button to stop the logs, the “Clear” button to clear it, the “Export Logs” button to export.

Release Device and Apply For More Time

If done with the device, and you want to release device, you can open the My Info tab and see the device list. Then, you can perform the necessary operations by using the buttons in the “Operations” section.

If your device usage time is over or too short, you can get the required time by using the “Apply for more time” button in the My Info section.


If your application is ready and you are looking for a device to test, you can use Cloud Debugging easily.

I hope this article is useful when using Cloud Debugging.