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Guide of Create App Signature

App Signature

Step 1 — Install JAVA

Step 2 — Create Path into Environment Variables for Java.

  1. Search for Environment Variables than select Edit the system environment variables

Step 3 — Check java command in terminal

Step 4 — Download pepk.jar file

Step 5 — Move pepk.jar and YOUR_KEYSTORE.jks or YOUR_KEYSTORE.keystore files into same folder

Step 6 — Run the commad

java -jar pepk.jar --keystore YOUR_KEYSTORE.jks --alias YOUR_ALIAS --encryptionkey=034200041E224EE22B45D19B23DB91BA9F52DE0A06513E03A5821409B34976FDEED6E0A47DBA48CC249DD93734A6C5D9A0F43461F9E140F278A5D2860846C2CF5D2C3C02 --include-cert




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