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Huawei IAP for libGDX Games

Hi folks! In this guide I’ll explain how to integrate the Huawei IAP with GDX-Pay, a libGDX extension library for IAP.

What’s GDX-Pay?
GDX-Pay is a libGDX extension that aims to provide a cross-platforms API
for IAP.
It supports the following platforms:
• Google Play;
• Apple App Store;
• Amazon App Store;
• Huawei App Gallery (starting from version 1.2.0, but I suggest to use the 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT version)

For further information, please visit:

• EMUI 3.0+ / Android 4.4+
• HMS Core
• Android Studio 3.0+

• Create an app in AppGallery Connect.
• Create a libGDX project.
• Generate a signature certificate.
• Generate a signature certificate fingerprint.
• Configure the signature certificate fingerprint.
• Add the app package name and save the configuration file.
• Configure the Maven repository address and AppGallery Connect gradle
• Configure the signature file in Android Studio.

For further information, please visit:

• Enable the IAP Api service on AGC Console (Manage APIs)

  • Add IAP products on AGC console

Finally coding!

implementation "com.badlogicgames.gdxpay:gdx-pay-android-huawei:1.3.0-SNAPSHOT"

Now, in your Activity extending the AndroidApplication class (a libGDX class), You have to instantiate the HuaweiPurchaseManager, like this:

The following are all the action that You can do with the HuaweiPurchaseManager:

Official GDX-Pay-Huawei Example project here:

Bye Folks :}




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