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Not Enough Real Devices for Debugging? AppGallery Connect Cloud Debugging Has Got Your Back!

You may have found yourself with not enough phones to debug your app, especially when you’re developing an app with a rich array of functions that need a lot testing. It’s becoming increasingly costly to buy all of the phone models that can meet your test requirements.

Luckily for you, the Cloud Debugging service provided by HUAWEI AppGallery Connect is designed to address this issue. It provides a full range of Huawei phones on which you can remotely debug your app.

Now, let’s check out how to use this service.

1. Accessing Cloud Debugging

1. Before using the service, you need to sign in to HUAWEI AppGallery Connect with your developer account.

2. Click My projects, find a project, and go to Quality > Cloud Debugging.

3. On the Device models tab page, select a model, and click Start debugging. In the displayed dialog box, set the debug duration to 30 min and click OK.

2. Uploading and Debugging an App

1. Once you have requested a device, upload an APK file that needs debugging on the Debugging tab page.

After the upload is complete, your app will be automatically installed on the device, as shown in the following figure.

2. Now, you can start the debugging. The following figure shows the debugging area, where your can:

a) Rotate the screen and select different resolutions.

b) Use the three traditional Android buttons including back, home screen, and multitasking.

c) Use the two-finger function to zoom in or out on the screen.

d) Adjust the volume as required in the lower right corner.

3. Using extension functions

1. Themes: Apart from apps, you can also upload a theme for debugging.

2. Device settings: You can set the GPS information, including the longitude, latitude, and altitude.

3. Screenshots: You can take screenshots at any time during debugging and export the screenshots.

4. Logcat: You can view Android log information by clicking Obtain logs and export logs as required.

4. Summary

Currently, AppGallery Connect Cloud Debugging covers a wide range of devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Watches, Vision products, and head units will also be supported in the future.

The service also supports a wide range of smartphone models (such as Mate, Nova, and P series devices) and different EMUI versions.

HUAWEI AppGallery Connect Cloud Debugging documentation:



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