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What Can I Do If My Test User Cannot Receive My Open Tetsing Invitation

After an open testing app version is released, some test users may fail to receive the invitation link. I used to encounter this situation. After communication with Huawei technical support, they suggested a solution to this problem:

1. First of all, make sure your app has been approved for release. Generally, you will receive an email notification once your app is approved. You can also sign in to AppGallery Connect and check app status yourself.

2. On the Version information page, click View details and check whether the user who has reported that they have not received any invitation is in the Invited state. If so, the system has sent the invitation link.

3. If the status of all users is Unsent, the possible cause is that the app has been released but the open test start time has not arrived yet. You can change the test start time to launch the test in advance.

Note that to invite additional test users, you need to click Invite to send them an invitation manually.

4. For a user in the Invited state, you can click Invite again to re-send an invitation.

5. If your test user still cannot receive the invitation, instruct the user to check their junk folder and subscription folder in case the notification is intercepted.

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